Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Oni Shall Rise Again

“We endevour in the darkness of battle who cannot win the fight.  The time for peace is over and now it is time to die.  It is the age of war and our last days must be lived amidst the sound of our own destruction.

Now the great wheel of human existence turns almost full circle.  From the cradle of the Earth it has turned through vast epochs of time.  Once in the light of the sun it turned as civilizations rose and fell and were forgotten.  In the light of the stars knowledge blossomed and withered whilst the wheel span on.  Now the great wheel of human existence, almost complete, turns again as it approaches a time of dying and the moment of inhuman birth.

Ultramarines Assault Terminators with Landraider (800x450)

Abhor the Night, it is the Light that Endures!”

The Ultramarines project is reborn and re-forged.  “We march for Macragge!”

Welcome back. Cheers! :)

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