Saturday, August 29, 2009

The New Tactical Squad – Progress After the Mishap

I’m not one to do ‘progress’ posts of incomplete model, but it’s been awhile since I’ve made an honest hobby post.

If you follow my blog you will know that recently I ruined an entire ten man tactical squad using GW’s Purity Seal.  For those that missed that whole ordeal, you can read that post here… (clicky)  It was a hard lesson to learn and one that I’ll surely never repeat.

I’ve devoted all of my hobby time to painting up another tactical squad to bring my Space Marine army back up to full force.  The below pictures showcase their current state of completion.

new tac squad

new tac sergeant 

In a way I’m actually happy that my last tactical squad got ruined.  It has allowed me to really focus on the hobby and reminded me just how much I really do enjoy it, even when things go wrong.

Keep an eye out for the squads completion and thanks for stopping by.  Cheers!


  1. First, when I view the post, the LinkWithin has a bunch of similar thumbnail images at the bottom so it looks like another large pic of a complete squad. Just happened to line up that way I suppose. Cool effect.

    Frosting gets all of us, even me. Truth be told, I had it happen the other week.

    This time, I solved it for the most part.
    I use Krylon Matte Finish wen I seal my guys. I ended up throwing out the can that was "frosting" models but of the ones that did get frosted.... I used the Wife's fingernail polish remover. Took 99% of the frost off.

    Now these guys didn't frost too bad overall. Just a light dusting but still way too noticeable to even think about using in a game.

    Thought I might share.

  2. I had a Purity Seal disaster recently:

    Never, never again will i use this stuff.

  3. I like the way these look - a lot. Well done on the recovery.

  4. Thanks Drax I appreciate that. :)

    @Ron - I've had some bad experiences with acetone (nail polish remover) and plastic models. Acetone is some nasty, nasty stuff and will literally melt the plastic. I avoid it, but thank you for the tip.

  5. I never thought abuot that, I just used a Q-Tip and dabbed in on in the places I need to "erase" the frost. It dries so quick I never thought about damaging plastic.

    It didn't do anything to the paint underneath unless I kept wrking in a area repeatedly and then it only wore away the paint and not even the primer.

    Something for me to keep in mind though, thanks.

  6. Acetone can be used to strip stuff, but if you're doing it wiht plastic you must be very, very careful.

    For outright stripping, I fill a small glass with it, and immerse the plastic guy in it for about a second, then scrub it.

    I'd imagine the q-tip could work as well.

  7. I am a beginner with a 500 point imperial guard (two squads, a commissar, and a Leman Russ). I am scared to varnish my miniatures, especially the tank, after reading this.

    Is a varnish essential?

  8. @ Anonymous - No, it is not essential to varnish your models. Hobbyists varnish their models because it helps protect them. Over time the paint can wear off from constant handling, or chip off from toppling over during game play. The varnish coats the model and seals it so that these things don't happen.

    It's exactly like a car. The car gets painted and then clear coated so that weather and such wont damage the paint. This helps keep the car looking good over time.

  9. Thanks Oni.

    I guess I will just have to put up with repairing the models from time to time.


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