Friday, September 18, 2009

The Golden Aquila Rating System

Golden Aquila 5
I've posted a few product reviews where I summarize the product with a rating measured in golden Aquila's. The ratings are from zero to five and go in half Aquila increments. I figured it would be nice of me to offer the images I use for download. This way anyone who would like to make reviews of anything pertaining to the 40K universe can do so in style. ;)

- Download The Golden Aquila Rating System -


  1. if a product is that bad you can use a chaos icon for thosetimes wen a 1 is too much.

  2. I am going to use these! When do we get to see more of your marines?

  3. @ Drathmere - Hopefully very soon. I'll be working on three tanks simultaneously today.

  4. Thanks man!! i think those are gold!! (unintended pun...)

  5. wow...thanks man now I can start using these on my own blog...

  6. Hey Oni,

    Do you have these for a dark background/how do you post it so the background shows through?


  7. @ Dj Batman - These images are a .png format and have a transparent background. Making them easily edited to have the background colour of your choice. If they show up with a white background it's most likely do to how Blogger uploaded the image.

    I recommend ( as a free and easy program to use to make the changes you need.


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