Saturday, May 29, 2010

Helsreach by Aaron Dembski Bowden


Move over Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill, there’s a new hard hitting, heavy weight in the ranks of The Black Library and his name is Aaron Dembski Bowden.

Once again the world of Armageddon is besieged by orks and a small crusade of 100  Black Templars led by Chaplain Grimaldus are among its defenders, charged with defending Hive Helsreach.  As the war wages on and Hive Helsreach starts to fall, any hope of victory is crushed as the ork horde constructs a Great Gargant whose size dwarfs even the mighty Imperator titan, but legend tells of a secret, great and powerful weapon from the first war for Armageddon; one that the Adeptus Mechanicus would rather sacrifice the planet than awaken… it may be the very salvation they seek.

This book is… Awesome!  The writing is so eloquent and impassioned that it draws you in from the very first sentence.  Helsreach is a must read in my opinion.  If you can spare the $12.00 I highly suggest you run out and buy it before you can’t find it anymore.



  1. Sounds good! I just finished A Thousand Sons last night and Helsreach is the next one. As a Black Templar fan I am curious if it is better than the other one about BT (forgot the name), but the reviews so far are promising.

  2. I read it on the 10/10 recommendation at Graemes Fantasy Blog... superb writing and very cleaverly crafted. I particularly enjoyed his representation of Space Marines and their perpetual 'teenager' approach to war.

    Gaunts ghosts spend the whole time traumatised and fighting the odds. Space Marines always reek of 'immortal', but the way he presents them ... genius.

    The story is hardly a groundbreaker, but his take on the Helsreach campaign is well played, well placed and with a solid 'character' core runnign throughout.

    Deffo Worth a Read.

  3. i agree, Oni...
    Aaron rocks, and Helsreach was a fun read...

  4. this might be random.. but are you orginially from south will. pa?


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