Monday, July 19, 2010

Predator Heavy Support

predator (1)

The latest completion for my Space Marine army is this, in my opinion, beautifully painted Predator Annihilator.

The sponsons are actually magnetized, but I find that I rarely, if ever, use the heavy bolters.  For a tank that can not move and fire all of its weapons… If I’m going to sit still I want to make sure that whatever I fire at dies.  Dice gods willing and all of course.

predator (2)

I must say that while painting this tank I have fallen in love with Dheneb Stone.  This foundation paint combined with Devlan Mud equals pure win.  It even managed to make painting the headlamps 1000x easier. 

Quick and easy headlamps: Lay down a good foundation of Dheneb Stone followed by Yellow Ink and then Gryphonne Sepia wash.  Give it just the tiniest highlight of Skull White and you’re done.

Yes, I said Yellow Ink… I still have full pots of all the GW inks.  Jealous? :P     You could use some watered down Sunburst Yellow to get the same effect though.

predator (3)

 Thanks for dropping by and reading my post.  Cheers!


  1. Nice and clean result, I like it!

  2. 'I still have full pots of all the GW inks. Jealous?'

    I am if you still have some of the old GW armor wash!


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