Thursday, October 21, 2010

Da Boyz Is Almost Ready


I’m making baby steps in progress, but I’m getting there, the finish line is in sight… I think.  This time around I finished the second wash and edge highlighting on the metal bitz.  I’m very pleased with the combination of Badab Black wash over a coat of Devlan Mud wash.  It gives an incredibly nice dirty and grimy look.  The next steps are some highlights on the black and leather, painting on the checkers, finishing the base and lastly I’m going to give weathering powders a try and dirty these guys up a bit more.

Until the next post; Cheers!


  1. That's a great grimy look from a simple combo of badab black and devlan mud. Nice job!

  2. Very nice mate - particularly like the skin tones. I always find metals hard to manage but these guys look good.

    Well done.


  3. Nicely done. One gripe, drill out those slugga barrels!


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