Thursday, February 3, 2011

All Aboard The Eye Candy Train

Gentleman BEHOLD!  I have created; this…

Predator (800x449)

Predator (800x449) (2)

Predator (800x449) (1)

And upon retrospect, I ask myself… Why?

I obviously know why, because it’s fething awesome.  I’m just quoting a little old school ATHF for you guys.  Cheers!  :)



  1. Where did you get the armour from? It looks awesome.

  2. Thanks. It's Forge World. Temporarily discontinued unfortunately.

  3. did you find the extra armour a total pain to fit as it just wasnt quite the right size?

  4. Fething awesomeness confirmed. I've not seen that forgeworld armor kit on a predator before. I like it!

  5. I just did a similar fit to my LRR, quite a bugger in some spots, boiling, pressing, reboiling, more pressing.

    ATHF quote is a nice touch by the way! Welcome back, I've been checking intermittently to see when you'd get back into the posting again.

    Stuff is looking good!

    (Edit: Spelling)

  6. @ Ben - The front and rear armour panels fit fine as did the exhaust stack panels. It was the side panels that the sponsons fit into that gave me the most trouble. After a little heating and bending I was able to get the sponsons to fit. Resin has a tendency to shrink a little once it's removed from the mould. I have a Land Raider reinforced armour kit that's completely unusable because the shrinkage was so bad. Thankfully FW replaced it.

    @ GDMNW - Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It's a show on Adult Swim that is so outrageously absurd and completely random that it manages to be hilarious.

    Thanks for the comments everyone.


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