Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nurgle Dread

I decided it was time to pay homage to my patron god of Chaos again since it has been such a while.

Not that I haven't been doing much as far as miniatures go, I've actually been quite busy. About November last year, a friend of mine approached me about painting up his Rasputina gang for Malifaux. The same friend received a fully painted Deathwing army for Xmas from yours truly, which took a total of one month from start to finish (I have been trying to get pics around for that, hopefully in the coming weeks I can post them). I've found a local mini group that likes to play Warzone, so I got those miniatures sitting there staring at me. Oh yeah, I found out I have a Khorne army, though I am not quite sure how that happened, so I aim to assemble them at some point. And Necrons. All I can say is thank Nurgle for airbrushes.

So, about my latest offering to the Pit. I decided to make this dread one day when me and oni were going back and forth. He was saying something about someone's awesome dread conversions, and texting me links. I looked at them. Not that they weren't good, but it dawned on me that I have two dreads, and I wasn't happy with either (mostly cuz they kill me instead of the enemy....grrr). So I started thinking about what my ideal Nurgle dread would be. It would have to be rotten on the outside and the inside. It would have to be fierce. I wanted a dread that looked like it took a melta shot to the face and it kept going, and going, and going.

The body is an AoBR dread. I grabbed an arms from a Furioso kit, a fantasy ghoul, and a DE Raider prow blade and spikes. The right arm has the Nurgle icon from the chaos tank upgrade sprue. Some of the extra cable bits are from Dragonforge if I remember correctly.

Comments/criticisms welcome of course, and thanks for looking!



  1. I love that the front is exposed, I'm just missing that organic feeling I've come to associate with Nurgle things. Maybe that's just my conditioning to expect it though.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. I like the exposed innards as well, looks great, and I always like to see a new spin on old ideas.

  3. Ron-Yeah, to be honest I was really debating the whole "organic" thing. The problem I came to was I really wanted the exposed driver to be the focal point, and I felt that throwing up all this little detail might detract from that. What I did do and is kinda hard to see was experiment with liquid green stuff to make the armor appear blistered. May be something I look to try again on a land raider or rhino.

    Warhammer- Thanks for the comment!


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