Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Genesis Chapter Dreadnought

Brother Mephistus of the Genesis Chapter 1st Company

After months of endless battle with the paint gods and fate against me, my Genesis Chapter Dreadnought is finally finished.  The paint scheme is exactly the same as my Genesis Chapter Terminators with one exception.  I decided not to use the Badab Black wash on the the Codex Grey base coat for the honour badging.  On to the how I did it...
  • See Genesis Chapter Terminators
  • To get the burnt look on the Multi-melta I first dry brushed on Tin Bitz progressively.  I started with a heavy dry brushing in the front and progressively got lighter towards the back.  Then I did the same with some Chaos Black, but only went about half way down the barrel.
  • I did a small experiment painting the skull on its base.  I wanted to try something different for painting bone.  I started with Kommando Kkaki followed by a wash of Devlan Mud and finally Bleached Bone for highlights.  I think it came out OK, but not as close to bone as I would have liked - back to the drawing board.
  • Overall I tried to keep the scheme as simple as possible, only using a small assortment of colours.  This is best seen in the wires and hosing between the armour plating and the sarcophagus.  It's mostly metal in colour, but broken up a bit with some blue.


  1. Good looking dread. Well done.

  2. Very clean, great work. I would love to see you drill some gun holes in that multimelta to add that little touch.

  3. Great job fella, but i agree with void lord, go on - just a drill and some chaos black, job done.


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