Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Miniatures New Digs

I've always felt that putting so much time and effort into painting an army just to hide it away in a travel case was such a waste.  Thanks to IKEA I was able to get a nice glass display case on the cheap.  How much on the cheap?  $59.99 plus, another $10 for the light.  A complete glass tower display case for $70.00 how could I walk away from that?

Since this piece is from IKEA it's not the Ferrari of display cases, but it's decent and looks nice.  There's enough surface area per shelf to hold a small army of maybe 1000 points depending on what the army consists of. Assembly was easy, but does require two people.  I should also mention that this thing weighs 93lbs.  I grabbed mine at the store, but you may want to take that into account if you want one and need to pay shipping.

Overall I'm happy with it and I'm very excited to fill it.  It's motivating in a way. If you're looking or thinking about getting a display case and don't want to spend a bunch of money then I definitely recommend this one.


  1. that looks great, just as good as any of the gw cases at GamesDay. KUDOS. I would definately be up for making one of these. But if the misses sees me looking at IKEA it would be over, thats her lets build this room site. Good work .

  2. My wife recently got an fully restored antique writing desk/display cabinet. It took her about 2-3 months to put anything into so 1 night after playing with a unpainted Rhino with my 2 year old daughter(mainly letting her hold it and look at it). I set it on top of the desk over night.

    My wife noticed in about 5 minutes the next morning and told me if I ever did it again she would throw the item in question away without even telling me.

    Currently my mini's reside spread out on a IKEA entertainment center from our apartment days that did not match the layout of our house in the unfinished basement.

  3. I love these things ... I have 5 of them filled with all my painted minis. They are perfect for minis ... they are worth every penny and really do a good job of showcasing the miniatures.

  4. I have 2 of these DETOLF cases, They showcase my 1988 Calgary Olympic Glasses produced by Petro Canada, and I had my dad Etch the doors with the Olympic Torch. If i got one for Minis, I'd so get the door etched with an Aquila.


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