Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Find of the Year

Quite possibly the last Liber Chaotica: Complete book to not be sold. This particular one is a 2005 hard cover and is in excellent condition. The dust cover is slightly bent up around the edges, but the hard cover and pages are in perfect condition. Liber Chaotica: Complete originally retailed for $50 US, but after printing ceased and book shelves ran dry, prices hit the roof for these hardbacks. I am proud to be the original owner of this particular print and for a mere $39.99. Can you say 'the find of the year'?

How did I come across this great find you ask? Well... I was at a local hobby store, not to be confused with a gaming store, and coincidentally they had a sparse section of GW products. It seemed as though the store had attempted to carry GW, but it failed to catch on and stock dwindled to near nothing and was left stagnant. I just happened to look down at the floor and there it was, sitting there in a box of junk, covered in dust and looking as though it had been written off as another GW item no one would buy. I must have been in the favor of the Chaos gods.

If you're not familiar with Liber Chaotica it is a collection of five volumes that cover each of the four Chaos gods and their followers. It is herald as being the best narrative book on Chaos for both the Wahammer fantasy realm and the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


  1. I have one of these in hardback. Mint condition... I didn't even know they were OOP! Great buy mate and an even better read

  2. Great find! That'll be worth even more in years to come.


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