Monday, February 9, 2009

Death Guard Chaos Lord

In lieu of not having any updates of my own, I've decided to open up my blog to a fellow gamer and hobbyists. May I introduce Pit of the Oni's first honorary member - Grendel.

Plauge Lord Noro

First I would like ot say hi to all the readers of Pit out there, and give much thanks to Oni for allowing me to take up some space on his blog. That being said, this is my plaguelord. I converted this mini right after the release of the space marine chaplain and before the chaos lord plastic kit was out. After eyeballing the chaplian mini, I figured it would be much better off acting as commander of a mighty plague legion rather than serving some shriveled corpse on Terra. Stupid Imperials... oh well, please allow me to introduce Plague Lord Noro.

The conversions started by sanding off all the Imperial emblems and what not, clearing the way to allow the appropriate chaos markings to applied with greenstuff. The left shoulder, right shoulder emblem, the nurgle emblems, chest armor ridge, hooves are all greenstuff. The scythe was stolen from some reaper mini I had the foresight of purchasing just because that scythe is friggin awesome (GW can do a bit better with the scythe scuplts they have, IMO). The horns on the helmet and armor are cut from a plastic beastman banner. The blades on the right shoulder pad were made simply by cutting the existing ridge with a pair of clippers, and they did turn out pretty sharp (I did gouge my thumb while working on this bad boy).

Admittedly, I rushed the paint job a bit, just because I was eager to get this mini painted, and the whole process took about an hour and a half. Might not sound like the quickest time, but in my book that's pretty fast.

  • The armor was painted with Catachan Green, followed by a Devlan Mud wash, then Catachan again followed by Camo Green on the ridges. The moldy bits were then further painted with Rotting Flesh to make them stand out more.
  • The skull, horns, and hooves were done with Scorched brown, Graveyard Earth, Bleached Bone, and Skull White.
  • The eyes, hoses, and any other red parts were done with Scab Red, Blood Red, and just a bit of Blazing Orange.
  • The left shoulder and Nurgle emblems were done with Snot Green, Goblin Green, and then coated with Badab Black to tone it down a bit. The lighter brown color was achieved with Graveyard Earth highlighted with Kommando Khaki.
  • Any parchment/paper-y bits were done with Scorched Brown, Bleached Bone, Gryphonne Sepia, with some Skull White on the edges.
  • The scythe handle was just scorched brown with some Snakebite Leather, while the blade was done with Boltgun, washed with Badab and Thraka Green, highlighted with Blotgun.
  • Boltgun metal was used on the boltgun, with some Badab for shading, followed by Boltgun.

The mini is not entirely done yet, as I need to get some detail into the base and would like to add some more detail to the mini itself, but it's a good start. I would like to start on my actual army before I get back to finishing him, but it will happen. Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm envious of your chaos lord - this is nice work with good attention to detail. The horns work very well, yet it has to be the sculpt of the scythe that really makes this one stand out. I completely agree that it is a pity that GW don't make ones like this.

  2. Wow what an amazing conersion! Nice work mate, especially the scythe as Jabber mentioned. He must look very imposing on the battlefield

  3. Very nice conversion.
    I really like the colors on this guy.
    Well done.


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