Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leaping Into Imperial Guard


With all of the new Imperial Guard box sets that have been released along with their new and improved codex, I decided I wanted to try my hand at an IG army.

I purchased the codex when it had been released, but Saturday saw the release of the new Cadian Battleforce box set.  I figured this would give me a good place to start building my army.  I picked up two of them since the box really only gives you a single Troops choice, along with a Command Squad for an HQ and a Valkyrie.  Eventually I’ll grab some tanks, most likely Leman Russ battle tanks and Chimera’s, but this should be good for now.

I’ve come up with a quick list, you guys will have to let me know what you think.  Keep in mind that I’ve never commanded an Imperial Guard army before so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Company Command Squad 150

Powerfist, Medi-pack, Regimental Standard, Vox-caster, Plasma gun, Carapace armour

Platoon Command Squad 70

Powerfist, Plasma gun, Meltagun

Infantry Squad 70

Vox-caster, Plasma gun

Infantry Squad 62

Bolt pistol, Meltagun

Heavy Weapons Squad 105

3x Lasscannon

Platoon Command Squad 85

Powerfist, Medi-pack, Heavy flamer, Flamer

Infantry Squad 65

Vox-caster, Meltagun

Infantry Squad 57

Bolt pistol, Grenade launcher

Heavy Weapons Squad 75

3x Heavy bolters

Armoured Sentinel Squadron 135

2x Sentinels, 1x Lascannon, 2x Smoke launchers

Valkyrie 125

Lascannon, Heavy bolters





  1. with guard, try and fit as many units in as possible, so go easy on the equitment. It is not worth having a 150 point command squad, when for the same points you can give them a chimera, or add an extra squad....Also, give all your infantry squads the same weapon, and use them as a firebase. You have a sentinel, heavy weapons teams, valkerie, and probably a squad of veterens for anti-tank. Make the regular pax as cheap as possible.

    Also, try and fit in a veteren squad, either with three melta guns, or three plasma guns, as they are some of the best units you can get.

    I haven't seen the new IG codex, but either pay the cost, and give everyone a vox caster, or forget about it. The extra points can go to extra guys. remember, 20 guys costs 150 points, and make your army much scarier. maybe drop the second platoon, and add a veteren squad made from that command squad....

    Good luck!
    --40K Addict

  2. Hi Oni, I slightly disagree with the comments above, since the new guard codex Can work with more elite units.

    To make your purchases go further its well worth considering investing in some conversions over buying average upgrades for units.

    The Valkyrie is much better as a Vendetta. This is a anti-tank monster with three twin-linked lascannons. Use the lascannons from the Sentinels and the Heavy weapon teams to convert.

    Lascannons on sentinels are good - but the Sentinels too vulnerable now (AV10 to the Vendettas AV12) and point for point the vendettas better (130 v 150 for three normal lascannons pts). Kit your sentinels out with heavy flamers/Multilasers as close support for flanking units.

    Speaking of flanking units, you can field some real fire power in the guise of Veterans (with Harker - easy conversion, see pathfinder) and Penal legion.

    The penal troops looks poor on points for points, but with being stubborn and having 2 out of three 'variables' close combat their handy. The company command squad can flank from the Vendetta, the Penal/Vet squads can flank.

    Also consider converting one Sly Marbo (as he's a great use of points and will definitely kill something!)

    The heavy weapon of choice now is Mortars as they are no longer guess range, can operate in barrages and will quickly pepper the enemy (especially if combined with fire on my target). The lack of saving throw modifier is more than compensated by immunity, cheapness and the fact that they can easily mount up 14-16 hits per three in a turn at 48". They overcome the biggest weakness of Heavy weapon teams - S6+ instant-kill.

    So convert a vendetta, keep the Sentinels light and nasty and Flank flank flank with one platoon (consider converting Al'rehem, I have) and keep the six mortars at the back with your second 'gun-line' platoon. This combination will give you the two punch combination to rock their socks off.

    Then buy some Warhammer Empire Flagelants as Psykers and the worlds your mollusc. Of and buy some Chimeras - they're awesome at only 55pts each.

  3. I would suggest dropping the Voxes - rerolls on orders are nice, but the points might be better spent on more weapons or troops. I agree that more units = better, in the new Codex.

    I think you should also rework your Company Command and Platoon Commands. They feel like Space Marine squads - all-rounders that have a little melee, a little anti-tank, a little anti-MEQ. Guard units are so flimsy, though, that you're usually better off specializing one squad for one purpose only. Units are so cheap that you can afford to specialize each one.

    For instance, the Company Command squad all has BS4 for free; so this unit does really well when equipped with 2-3 Meltas or Plasmas. I'd say keep the Medic - they're awesome now with FNP - but the Regimental Standard really isn't that effective, as with the Vox network.

    Your Platoon Commands can make excellent little strike squads depending on what role you want to give them. I'd avoid the Plasmas (they're more expensive now, and the Platoon Command guys are only BS3) and stick with Meltas. Another option is giving a Platoon Command squad 4 Sniper Rifles, which are ridiculously cheap. Right there you've got a nice little cheap squad that you can use to pin enemy units while your bigger guns finish them off.

    I also agree with the above poster about Veterans. You should be taking some Plas or Melta-equipped Veterans with Harker if you can afford it. He's also got a good point about Sly Marbo - Marbo is insanely good at absolutely raping vulnerable units.

    I think what you really need to think about is what kind of game you're gonna play - is this an offensive army, defensive army? It's not particularly mechanized, but the line squads don't have Heavy Weapons, so your gunline is kind of light. I find that my Guard army lists pan out really well when I've come up with a definitive style of play for each of them.


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