Monday, May 18, 2009

A Long Overdue Update

I figured it was about time for an update. My time has not been idle in regards to miniature gaming. I have actually been inspired enough not only to complete my army, but to do so in a timely manner. I went to visit Oni, we played a couple games, spent too much money on GW products, and hit up Games Day. A great time was had overall.

First update is my greater deamon. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted one of these for my army, as I already have a DP that looks fierce. However, and I'm sure Oni can agree to this, this boy is worth his points! The idea came about when I was rummaging through my bits and found the GD of Nurgle's body and legs. When I made my DP, I had a lot of left over bits, so now it was just a matter of finding an appropriate head and arms. I was checking through my GW bits and found nadda. So I grabbed a box I keep around with bits from other ranges and found some old Vor minis, specifically the growlers. The Growlers head fit so nicely, but something was still missing. I found two more heads, belonging the the Growler pups, and figured I would make this a three headed beast of evil-ly goodness. The arms and hands are from the Growlers as well, with a moderate amount of GS added. Here are some WIP shots:

Now for a change, here are shots from some actual FINISHED models! I cranked a few of these out in record time to get ready for Games Day, such as the dread below. This dread was once in the AoBR box, waiting to be assembled to fight for the praise of the Emperor against all enemies of mankind. Then I came along. Just goes to show you, never count on anything in this game! The actual time it took me to complete this model is under two hours, from assembly to flocking. It might not sound like anything special to some, but that's a record in my book. Basically, just the dread with some Chaos-y goodness thrown onto it. No GS here. I may go back and redo the CC weapon in the future but for now, I think it looks good. On a quick side note, of all the games I have ever played, this dread has given me the most problems with the whole rage roll. I think I lose more games because of this little beast going berserk and killing my units (yes, units, and even once when it killed my Lord first turn) as opposed to my opponent. Maybe it still thinks it's imperial....

Next couple of shots are some Plague Marines I did up quick for Games Day. It took about three hours total for about nine of these guys once they were converted. The top three are Space Marines with added bits and GS applied. The one on top is my personal favorite.

These next pic shows a comparison of how I'm painting up the army. I choose to go with two color schemes as opposed to one just for some diversity. The color scheme on the left is done with Scorched Brown, drybrushed Bleached Bone, highlight Skull White with a Devlan Mud wash. The right one was done with Catachan Green, drybrushed Camo Green, highlight Rotting Flesh with a Devlan Mud wash. Cables were done with reds built up, and the metal is Boltgun caked with Devlan Mud. Two very simple schemes that look good, IMO.

This last little bit has nothing to do with my plague marines, but I thought I would throw it in here just because really. A friend asked me to paint up a wizard for her, so I gladly did. The reason I did this was to prove two things. First, I can still paint 'clean' (meaning when I'm painting nurgle-themed I have a tendency to get sloppy on purpose, because it's nurgle and that's how it is!) and second, I wanted to do a miniature fast, without drybrushing or any quick methods. The flames have about seven levels of highlights, everywhere else between three or four. So here's the results: Forty five minutes for this little pyro.

Thanks for any comments/suggestions in advance.
And Oni has yet to beat me in a game of 40K. So please, help him with his IG army. He needs it :P



  1. Really spectactular models Oni. It's nice to see a clean model for a change, jwolf does the same thing - he's an awesome painter who does 'nurglesque' models so much, with their weather, dirty and messy style, that you forget how detailed a painter he is...

    Can't say I'm davinci either - ho-hum...

  2. Nice stuff. I like the second Plague Marine with his arm fused to his body, I think I might well steal that idea :)

  3. Great models oni! I really like how those two schemes seem to work really well with eachother.

  4. I'm sure Grendel appreciates the comments guys, thank you. :P

    As for that last little bit there about never beating me... I may need to edit that out. ;)

  5. Love the Deathguard chaps and I'm impressed - 45min start to fin? Wow, I take 5 to 6 days!

  6. *facepalm* Apparantly my reading skills have degraded as of late... I totally meant "Grendel" when I said "oni". I swear! :D

  7. Nurgle guys look good to me, very effective
    for the short amount of time you needed.

    I may have a little advice for you:

    You could make them a lot more interesting,
    if you put a little contrast on the face of
    the marines. Either comlpementary color or
    warm/cold would do them good. For example,
    red eyes on a green helmet would really stand
    out and force the view to the face/helmet.
    This wouldn't take much time, but would certainly be worth the effort.
    Same thing with the demon by the way, I have a hard time to decide where to look. Just
    a little more contrast would help the eye.
    The wizard looks great, only thing I don't like
    is that the flames are the wrong way round.
    They should start with yellow, be orange in the
    middle and become more and more black at the
    Here's a good picture:

  8. Hey gang, thanks for the comments

    Noobyfied- The eyes on most of the marines are red already. I can easily blame the photographer on that one (namely me!) The only one I didn't do this with is the goggle-eyed marine, just because I have two of that mini and the other one has his eyes done up in red. The demon will definitely have this as well, hopefully I get a chance to finish it up in the next few days. And as far as the flames go.....yikes. I blame sleep deprivation and good old stupidity. I gotta watch that in the future for sure. Thanks for the link!

  9. Fabulous dreadnought!

    You have been linked ;D, and i invite you to check my blog:

    Greetings from a spanish ork :D

  10. Welcome Brother - Father Nurgle will be proud!


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