Monday, January 4, 2010

A Stroke of Madness

Well… not really, but it’s cool never the less.  Time and time again you’ve all heard me go on about how I can’t free hand paint.  It’s OK though, I’ve come to terms with it and I’m finding that it’s not a hindrance after all.  This ‘folly’ so to speak, in my hobby abilities forces me to create ways of getting around it.  So I suppose it’s not really a folly at all, depending on how you look at it.

This post coincides with the last one about painting squad markings on the Rhino’s hatch, but this time around, there will not be any painting.  While I may not be the first person to think this up, I don’t recall ever seeing it before, so at least for the duration of writing this post, I’ll consider it my own… stroke of madness.

I took a sheet of 0.8mm plastic card and traced the Rhino hatch out on the plastic card with a pencil. 

rhino hatch trace

I then measured out an arrow that would fit and look the way I wanted it to and cut the pieces out.

arrow draw

plasticard arrow

I roughed up the edges a bit because a little damage makes it look better. 

Lastly I have the finished product and in my opinion, looking damn good.  I like the raised effect of the plastic card.  This will most certainly be repeated on the other rhino, its hatch is already submersed in Simple Green.  It’s mostly simple and easy to accomplish and repeat… I say it’s a WIN.

rhino plasticard hatch

That’s all for now.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Cheers!


  1. I like it, but I really liked your scotch tape method as well. I was planning on using it with a dark angels rhino! What did you not like about the tape method?

  2. Genius idea... nicely done sir...

  3. Thanks guys.

    @ Drathmere - The Scotch tape method is fine and all, but while I was doing it this plastic card idea formed in my head. I tested it and like it so much more that I Simple Green'ed all that previous work away.

  4. A good idea, and it looks the part.

    A third option would be using white transfer paper, cut to shape. I'm a fan of the painted-on look, without having to actually do any painting ;)

  5. Great idea and tutorial. Gives the icon a little extra depth too. Just an little elegant solution.

  6. Awesome tutorial, easy solutions are always the best. Thing I'll give this a shot on one of my remaining rhinos as well. Thanks!

  7. wow nice also check out my blog

  8. what do you do if its for a devestator or sternguard squad?

  9. Again, thank you all for the comments.

    @ Lord - I suppose I would just repeat the process, but with a different emblem. Though for Sternguard I'd be more inclined to put them in a Drop Pod than a Rhino.

  10. This is more awesome than waking up with Megan Fox.


    (mainly because if you woke up with Megan Fox, eventually she'd start talking an RUIN EVERYTHING, but that's another story. :) )

    This idea will be used, sir, with credit given to you for coming up with it. Awesome and WIN!

  11. very nice!!
    I did something similar to my rhinos, using plastic card to add a chapter-symbol, works really great if your knife is sharp enough :)

  12. Brilliant. /agree with CrusherJoe on all accounts ;)

  13. Really really nice. Kind of the same idea as what I've done with my shoulder pads on my Assault Marines, but cleaner as it isn't as tiny :)

    I really like the touch with the hatch. That makes it even better.

  14. I used a similar method to create an Ultramarine Mechanicus symbol on my Rhino - It had to be oversized as the Rhino started it's life as a MkII predator. Simple symbols are really easy to do and look great, more complex designs are only as good as your cutting skills. Once I post my Rhino i'll link it for you guys to see.

  15. Pretty sure it's NOT better than waking up to Megan Fox(c'mon lads, really?), but it's good, really good. I'm a big fan of raised details like that, and even if you're really good at freehand, there's something about making it 3D that makes it more effective, especially on vehicles.

    Big thumbs up!

  16. Cool idea. I'll have to try this with my own transports.


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