Sunday, January 10, 2010

Squad X Transport At The Ready

‘Men… zero hour approaches.  Swallow fear and be strong in the face of death.  Go forth in the name of the Emperor and show the archenemy what it is to be afraid.’

<Mission data inloaded, insertion point acquired.> ‘Awaiting orders, sir…’


space marine rhino [with squad]

I finished up my first Rhino today.  All in all I think it came out pretty good.  It’s a little brighter than the squad, but no matter.  It has more surface area so it was bound to be a tad brighter.

space marine rhino [right] space marine rhino [left]

Nothing overly exciting about a Rhino so I tried spicing up the post with that bit of creative writing.  After finishing up Titanicus and jumping straight into Blood Pact, I felt an urge.  Let me know what you guys think about the Rhino.  Cheers!



  1. While the rhino is certainly plain, it's done really cleanly. I specifically like the stark contrast of the white tactical symbol on the top of it, and the crisp blue gems.

    Very nice...

  2. It really looks great Oni! Are you painting towards a particular army list? If not I would love to see you paint up a land Raider! :)

  3. While I'm not building toward any specific list I do have a master plan of sorts. Unfortunately a Land Raider isn't in it, at least not in this color scheme. ;)

  4. Excellent work Oni, loving seeing this army grow. Good tip with the plasticard arrow too - may re-visit my rhino's with that gem.

  5. so do I hear the little violin played by all grey knight masters? I would love to see a grey knight land raider by you! I've had one in the works for ages, but just cannot seem to make the paint stick!

  6. Hey Oni, could you give me a refresher on your current painting technique to get these results (brush size, paint mix, etc)? The dark red like this, with the darker highlights is pretty much what I want for my as of yet unnamed BA successor chapter. Not a fan of the bright red / orange highlight the original Chapter sports. Thanks!

  7. @ Drathmere - Not sure I fully understand the violin, but as far as the Land Raider goes... If someone would like to commission me for one (knowing that it would be an experiment for the sake of my readers and the hobby) than I'd be willing to do it on the cheap.

    @ Haunter - I start out with a base of Mechrite Red (applied with the Citadel spray gun) > Devlan Mud wash (also applied with the spray gun) > drybrush Blood Red (this was applied using the Citadel large drybrush, but in a very specific technique). The drybrush technique is the same used in my Imperial Bastion post. Look for it under the 'scenery' label. You can find more details on the scheme break down in some of my older posts. Click on the label 'Army Progress - Genesis Chapter' and look for my post on the Terminator squad.

  8. Thanks! I was intrigued by the layer of Devlan Mud in between the Mechrite and the Blood Red. Should give it a very nice dark look indeed. And I like that you don't do crazy stuff like 1 part black to 3 parts Blood Red, etc, because that just gets messy and hard to get consistent over many models.

    I always thought the spray gun would give good results; just don't have the money to buy that on top of everything else. Hopefully I can still get flat, smooth looking results with my large drybrush :-\

  9. I like the lowlighting approach you took. Most people do highlighting which can become garish, but often shadows exist rather than glare.

    Very nice
    Very Clean


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