Saturday, February 13, 2010

Borrowing An Idea

It's been a while. Pit has 114 followers currently. Last time I posted (May 2009), Pit had a much smaller following, so I would like to reintroduce myself.

My name is Grendel, and I like to cut things.

Don't worry, I'm talking purely from a hobby perspective. For me, the real joy of 40k comes from the assembling and modeling aspect. Painting and even playing 40k pales in comparison at times. Gimme a Dremel, X-acto, greenstuff, and glue, and I'm happy!

My passion is Chaos, though I find myself working on other armies at times. I'm responsible for the Death Guard posts on this site, and will hopefully be responsible for future Chaos Daemons post. Currently, I'm finishing the Death Guard army and working on a Black Legion army. So now that's out of the way, on to the post.

I borrowed an idea. Or stole it. It works either way. The Chaos Defiler is awesome in game, but I can't stand that model, and have always refrained from buying it. I saw plenty of conversion ideas for the kit and never really cared for them. I was going to proxy a Soul Grinder, then Oni showed me this. That friggin' rocks! Thank you, Amaximus, that is a truly awesome conversion! I hope to see it fully painted soon, and I promise not to steal anymore of your work!

In the above picture, the Defiler is armed with twin-linked reapers and flamer. The battle cannon is placed on top of the torso. It does have the front claws for the dread CC weapons.

What about those times when I am feeling Khorne-y? When I want to get up close and have more fun with four close combat arms?


Ah, magnets, you make my heart sing....
Some of you may notice the extended plating under the 'head'. Well, I was trying to be a little 'realistic' (yeah, I know, it's sci-fi and can be unrealistic) and figured the head seemed to jut out, looking a little vulnerable. The plate is on a hinge, so it can swing up and protect the Defiler's mug.

And a little size comparison next to a regular dread.

Things to do:

  • Greenstuff work, especially around the head plates.
  • Fix up the battle cannon, more cables, plating, etc.
  • Plating for the legs?
  • Front of the hull is plain between the claws. Need to think about that one.
  • Magnets on the face and face plate.
  • Black Legion on this one.
  • Listen to Oni compliment me on how cool my Defiler looks when it's marauding through his Space Marines :D



  1. AWESOME!!! glad to inspire. i need to get back to work on mine.

  2. I love the "new" look. Close combat should be brutal .....

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey, I found this blog a couple days ago, and I'll be following it as well. I'm in the same boat as you Grendel, I prefer modeling more than gaming.

    Great Defiler work.

    -Plastic Shavings (Shortsonfire79)

  5. It is a great conversion. Did it use standard defiler bits? I am going to be buying a couple of the models soon and I agree, I am not too impressed with its "standard" look.

    twitter: rpthomps

  6. Ryan- The only bits I used were 2 25mm round bases, bass guitar string, and some plasticard pipes (GF9 sells a variety pack). I did have access to an extra arm from a soul grinder kit I purchased. Otherwise, this conversion comes from the defiler kit.
    And thanks to everyone for the comments!


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