Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Til Gran Kythera Dow"

Malifaux is the great new game published by Wyrd. The game has been called revolutionary by many people due to the fact it utilizes playing cards instead of dice for determining outcomes of actions. Having read the rules and witnessed many demos, I think it's not a step in a new direction, but definitely a unique one, blending multiple game genres into one solid game. What I mean by blending is that you have, at the core, a miniatures skirmish game (you only really need to pick up a starter box and rulebook to play). The use of cards allows for slight variations in traditional miniatures rules and translates into some card manipulation like you might see in Magic or similar CCGs. The cards also lend the game to a resource management style, as you might see in board games. If you haven't heard about this game yet (I'm sure you have), haven't checked it out, or just need a break from traditional dice tossing, I recommend you give this game some serious scrutiny.

Another big draw for me personally is the miniatures. The minis are 32mm scale, slightly bigger than the GW minis. The bases in the game are the same as you would see in Warmachine, the 30mm round lipped. All types of genres are present in Malifaux. You like horror? It's there. Western? That too. Want some steam punk? How about Victorian? It's all there. For me, I have chosen to run the necromancers of Malifaux, the Resurrectionists. I have picked up all the starters for the 'Rectionists (there's about 3 starters per faction, 5 factions) and decided to paint up one of the more popular of the group: Seamus.

Seamus (aka the Mad Hatter) is Malifaux's version of Jack the Ripper meets Necronomicon. I've seen Seamus painted a variety of ways, however each way seemed to have bright, vibrant colors, sometimes pastel. Not for me! I chosen some more 'earthy' colors, and decided to use some simple designs using those colors to show he isn't wrapped to tightly.

  • Hat and coat-Scorched Brown, 50/50 Scorched Brown and Graveyard Earth, Graveyard highlight.

  • Cuffs, bag, collar-Graveyard Earth, 50/50 Graveyard and Commando Khaki, Khaki highlight

  • Pants and hat band-Catachan green, 50/50 Catachan and Camo Green,Camo highlight

  • Pant Stripes-Camo Green, 50/50 Camo and Bleached Bone highlight

  • Gunmetal-50/50 Chaos Black and Boltgun metal, highlight with Boltgun

  • Pocket watch and bag metal- Dwarf Bronze, 50/50 Dwarf Bronze Mithril silver, Mithril highlight.

  • Flesh- Dark flesh, Dwarf Flesh, 50/50 Dwarf flesh and Elf Flesh, Elf Flesh highlight

  • Stripes on hat-Chaos Black base, Dheneb Stone (leaving some black showing on the edges), Devlan Mud, Dheneb Stone.

  • Whites-Done with building up from Codex Grey to Fortress Grey, 50/50 Fortress and Skull White, with final Skull White highlights.
I really tried to do a better than table top quality on this mini. The fact that I don't need so many models to play really allows me to want to a better job on the individual models. Hope it shows and I'll be posting more soon!



  1. An interesting and original take on seamus. good stuff.

  2. Lovely painting ... and great intro to Malifaux ... I'm jumping on board soon!

  3. I like the more muted look, and you have really brought out the facial features. It's a great mini. One of my gaming group has the Seamus gang, and I am looking forward to seeing his version painted, too. It will be all the sweeter when Papa Loco blows him to kingdom come ;-)

  4. That face is spectacular. Really made me think that there was something...slightly off about this guy!

    Going to go check out Malifax now!

  5. I've never heard of this game! I love the earth tones, and might steal the recipes for some imperial guard.


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