Monday, August 8, 2011

Airbrushing–The New Hotness II

OK, I’ve had plenty of time to test out my new airbrush setup, hell it’s been three weeks since my last post, I should be an expert by now right? No, far from it. The learning curve on this thing is pretty steep. Anyway… My initial thoughts. The airbrush is really nice. The trigger has a nice smooth feel to it, the needle adjustment at the rear works like clockwork and it sprays pretty well; granted I don’t have anything to compare it to. The teardown and reassembly is much like every other airbrush. So what does the Grex Genesis XG have to offer over others? Hell if I know, but the color sure is cool. Seriously though, the price is decent and the quality is apparent, two things that make the purchase worth while for me.

IMG_2958 (640x480)

So what about the compressor? Well, all started out just fine and I was excitedly learning to use my new airbrush when after about 30 minutes… It died. I thought it had overheated as it was very hot to the touch. So I let it set for a day and came back, but the issue still persisted. Thankfully BLICK (where I bought it) has some superbly awesome customer service. After explaining my issue they had a new one sent out the following day and I didn’t have to pay shipping to return the defunct one. Once I got the new compressor I was back in action. At this point I’m not convinced that spending the extra money on a tank is warranted. I’m able to spray just fine with static pressure without issue. It’s not until I go wide open throttle with the trigger that I notice the pulsation piston style compressors are prone to, but if I’m spraying that much paint does it matter?


After spraying away and making huge strides completing some terrain pieces. I decided I should give it a good clean. Wouldn’t you know it, bad luck strikes again. During reassembly I broke the damn fluid nozzle. Now I distinctly recall someone somewhere on the intarwebz telling me I should buy a spare because I will brake it. How silly of me to think that I wouldn’t fall into that percentage of newbies. Yet another order to BLICK… and damn is that little thing expensive.


Overall I’m pleased with this setup and I plan on purchasing the Grex Genesis XA for those bigger projects that don’t require any precision.

Well I’m going to get to spraying some tanks. Thanks for stopping. Cheers!


  1. Usually it's bent needles rather than broken nozzles that scupper my airbrushed :)

    It wont be long tho Till you can't imagine being without it

  2. I'm following your first steps into airbrushing with big interest, as I want to have an airbrush by myself when I move to a bigger flat :)

  3. I finished spraying my Ultramarines Vindicator last night. I have to say I really, really like the results. I'll be posting up some pics later along with what I learned.


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