Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Brief Detour

Hello everyone! Been a while since I posted on Pit, and thought I would throw some pics of Malifaux up. Still have yet to actually play though.....

First up is a Punk Zombie and a Rotten Belle. The zombie was really just messing around with some paint triads from Reaper Master series. I got to say, finally stepping away from the GW brand was a pleasant surprise. The Belle was an experiment in washes other than Devlan Mud. I was trying to go for a bruised look...not sure if it came out right, but oh well. Looks good enough for me.

The next pic is two more Punk Zombies. Again, messing around with the Reaper paints, trying different ways of doing the swords.

The next mini is Sebastian, Dr. McMorning's faithful assistant. I'm actually proud of this little oddball. I got everything the way I wanted it to look, especially the blood splats.

Next up is the good Dr. McMorning himself. I really wanted to got overboard on the blood for this guy. The one thing I really like about the mini is the shoes. Steel plates scream curb stomp, so I made sure to give a bit of bloody attention on the right foot.

And lastly, my favorite model of the line. The Dark Pimp! The Mad Hatter! Seamus! Some of you may remember I painted another Seamus up a while ago, using earthy tones, and some stripes. This time, I just wanted to try red. Yeah, I'm liking the Reaper red triad to say the least!

That's all I got right now. Still working on the Death Guard. Picked up some FW pieces that I will hopefully paint up soon. Maybe some Oblits on the way.

Hope you enjoyed the minis! Comments/questions welcome as always!


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