Monday, October 3, 2011

Plain To Extraordinary

While working on my Ultramarines Terminator squad I felt the models (Assault on Black Reach) where a little too plain compared to my more ornate Assault Terminator squad with Forge World shoulder pauldrons. What’s a hobbyist to do? Rummage through the bitz bin of course.

Since I didn’t need to dress up the Assault Terminators I was left with a plethora of gubbins to use on the standard Terminator squad, plus I got a hold of an assault cannon and a chain fist to help fill out their armament.

2011 10 03 Ultramarine Terminators (2)

In the above picture I’m using a new formula for the paint scheme as well as the zenithal highlighting technique now that I own an airbrush. I’m still employing edge highlighting, but the combination the two I think produce an incredible look. The new method is a lot quicker than what I originally started with and should (I hope) allow me to make quicker progress on the project. Hobby time is precious & rare these days.

  1. Basecoat Mordian Blue
  2. Wash with a 1:1 mix Azurman Blue, Badab Black
  3. Zenithal highlight with Ultramarines Blue
  4. Edge highlight with Ultramarines Blue
  5. On the most pronounced features, edge highlight with a 1:1 mix Ultramarines Blue, Space Wolves Grey.

On another note, Pit of the Oni has joined a new blog network. A fellow blogger and one hell of a painter (Stahly formally of Stahly’s Paint Station) decided to form a small team of exceptional painters and create a new blog as well as a new blog network…


Keep an eye on this one, I have a good feeling about it. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!



  1. Thanks, Oni! Your Terminators look incredible so far!

  2. Can you also remove Stahly's Paint Station from your Blogroll and add instead? Thank you ;)

  3. That zenithal highlighting looks amazing. I really need to invest in a spray gun at some stage.

  4. Those terminators look amazing comparing to my AoBR :(. Since you joined Tale of Painters, does it mean I can see all your future content on there as well?


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