Monday, June 15, 2009


Here’s a nice change of pace.  No Space Marines this post.  Now that I have my Genesis Chapter painted up to a point I’m content with I’m turning my focus to working on the Imperial Sector buildings for my Realm of Battle Gameboard.  I have four buildings assembled, based and primed, but they’ve been sitting on the side lines.  This is the first I’ve completed…

manufactorum front

manufactorum back

I tried to keep this as simple as possible.  I primed the whole building black > Dry brush Charadon Granite > Litely dry brush in a downward only motion Codex Grey.  The base ruble piles are just left over bitz, cut up sprue and some basing sand.  Colour scheme is the same as the buildings, but with areas painted Brown > Badab black wash to create some unevenness > Very lite dry brush Ochre.  The rust was done with a mix of Brown + Blazing Orange mix heavily watered down followed by Fiery Orange also heavily watered down then finally hit with some Devlan Mud to better blend the colours, tone down the bright orange and create some unevenness.

Let me know what you think and as always thanks for stopping. Cheers!


  1. Love the city scape - muted and understated, nothing too flashy, exactly how a decrepit imperial hive world should look after being bombed.

    Well done.

  2. Very nicely done! These CoD sets make some great buildings! I appreciate the careful placement of rubble so as to not unbalance minis...good consideration of actual play use!

  3. That is a really nice job, i think it looks great the base and rubble finish it off nicely.
    What did you use to make the base?

  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words.

    @ Andy - The base is plasticard. I forget the exact size, but I think it's 8"x11" 1/32" thick. I chose to go with a thin sheet for ease of use / cutting becasue I didn't want the base to be square. There are two sheets used side by side on this base.

    @ Cawshis Clay - Thank you. I was hoping someone would notice. :D

  5. Nice looking building. The colors are simple but done well.

  6. I like how you went the extra mile and based it rather than just doing the beuild as many people are oft to do with the cities of death kits.

  7. Just stumbled on your blog, must say some great insperation Oni. Bookmarked for future reads, keep up the good work.

  8. hey how did you paint the brown's on the base?

  9. The brown was done using the 'Brown' paint from the Citadel Scenery Painting Pack followed by a heavy wash of Badab Black and finished with a drybrushing of 'Ochre' from the Citadel Scenery Painting Pack.

    If I had to translate 'Brown' and 'Ochre' to the paint pots (because as they come in the Scenery Painting Pack they literally just say 'Brown' and 'Ochre') they would be Snakebite Leather and Taucept Ochre.


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