Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Things In Life Are Far Too Funny

I think this is my first non Warhammer 40,000 related post, but never the less this is just way too hilarious to not share.  On with the story…

The wife piece and I just got back Sunday evening from a weeks vacation in Virginia.  Monday morning was looming over our heads with that whole going back to work thing.  Finally, Monday morning arrives and I’m at work when my cell phone rings.  It was the wife piece.  I answer and am instantly told in a distraught voice “My car shakes violently when I try to start it.”  She ends up taking the bus.

Once I arrive home I inspect the car under the hood.  I plainly see frayed wires in two locations, one of which is completely severed.  Obviously this is the problem, but what on earth could have caused this?  The mystery was left as just that, a mystery and I moved on to the fix.  After splicing the two wires back together the car starts up and runs perfectly and I decide that I'll do a better fix the following day with some appropriate supplies.

The following day…

I lift the hood and… MYSTERY SOLVED!

Lindseys Groundhog

This not so little groundhog decided to make a home for itself in the engine bay while we were away on vacation.


  1. I've got to admit, that's pretty spectacular.

    I've heard of snakes slithering into the engine block (Because it's warm), but ground hogs are a new one by me.

  2. Part time 40k hobbyist... part time landlord. Already had to evict a tenant. Times are tough, no matter where you live these days.

  3. My sister who owns a farm had one of her cats caught pulled into the lightmachine/generator when she started the engine- not funny for the cat, my sister's kids or her. A lot of broken bones (head-WTF?) ripped of fur but survived and lives on happily ever after. Really lucky bugger you have there.


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