Monday, October 5, 2009

Gearing Up For Tyranids

Not to long ago I stumbled across a deal that I couldn’t ignore.  An unopened 1000 point Tyranid army box for $200.00.  With the new codex coming in just a few months I’d be a fool to have not snatched it up… right?

Tyranid army

I’m not sure how old the box set is, but it’s one that I’ve never seen before.  I think it may be from the early days of 4th edition.

Contents: (1) Hive Tyrant, (1) Zoanthrope, (16) Gaunts, (16) Hormagaunts, (4) Ripper Swarms, (6) Warriors, (8) Genestealers, (3) Raveners, (1) Lictor and the current Tyranid codex.

I think the only additions I’ll make are another Hive Tyrant, winged of course.  Three Carnifex’s, and some treasures that are sure to come with the release of the new codex.  Dare I say… Trygon?

This brings me to three armies that I have back logged to do, the others being my Ultramarines and my Imperial Guard.  I think I need a break from life to catch up on these.


  1. Quite the deal you stumbled on! Awesome :)

  2. Wow! That is an awesome deal. With speed painting you could have the base of the army done to playable standards pretty quickly. I keep meaning to put the gene stealer tutorial up. The GW store manager asked how I did it and was surprised at how quick it was. The basing takes longer than the mini. I would love to see an army painted this way, and might have to hop in a car and bring my guard army to battle it.

    Guest Article for One: Simple Gene Stealers.

    White Primer

    Thinned down striking Scorpion Green all over the model. This should almost be a wash. The idea is to let some white show through on the edges.

    Controlled gryphonne sepia all over the model excepting most of the claw area

    Purple wash around the base of each claw, and a tiny bit wherever there is a detail you want to draw out.

    bone to white for the claws and teeth

    tongue and eyes whatever color you like. I tried green, purple, and browns before I decided on flaming pink.

    It takes longer for the minis to dry than it does to paint them. The cool part is that by using very thinned down paint, the details are not destroyed, so more detail can be added later.

  3. Oooo, that's the Army Box with the Exclusive Lictor with the closed claws, right? I need to hunt one of those down...

  4. @ BlackDax - Yes, this does include the special closed claw Lictor.

    @ Drathmere - I have an idea in mind to 'speed paint' these that I think will yield some very nice results. Though I'm going to hold off on assembly until the new codex comes out. It's pretty close to what you mentioned, just using some different colours.

    Thanks for the comments. :)

  5. I can't wait to see the post where you rapidly paint a tyrannid army! Iron painter events draw me in every time I hear of one. I wish our stores had them.

  6. Very nice. Also, I checked out your Genesis Chapter and I love the paint scheme, as I'm trying to make a dark red scheme myself for my Blood Angel successors. Oh, and your magnetizing articled will help me as I build my Rhinos and Speeders! *following your blog*


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