Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tyranid Color Scheme Archetype II

tyranid colour scheme 2

Here is my second choice of color schemes to use for my Tyranid army.  I like scheme one because it uses very natural, contrasting colors.  I like scheme two because it’s brighter, still has a strong contrast, but is less natural.  I’m conflicted which to go with.  Perhaps I need to devise a 3rd scheme.

Archetype II

GW Skull White primer > Painted the shell Snot Green > Gryphonne Sepia wash the entire model > Paint Devlan Mud into the recess of the shell and the deepest recess of the body > Chaos Black with a Codex Grey highlight on the fangs > Finally a little Graveyard Earth on the base.

It’s another simple scheme that’s very easy to achieve.  Let me know what you think of this scheme and which you like best; scheme one (dark brown shell) or scheme two (green shell).

Thanks for reading.  Cheers!


  1. I like the green, but how does it scale up? On something like a Carnifex or Warrior it could be rather bright.

    I'll be stealing your overall method for my Hulk Genestealers for sure though.

  2. I like it! looks natural, similar to my scheme, so you know, great minds and all that ;)

  3. I like this scheme a lot. My nids that I am planing are going to be khaki and olive drab, so will be similar but the green will be muted.

  4. I prefer the green as the contrast is greater and it helps the model to 'pop.'

    Perhaps you should consider changing the skin colour for your third experiment?

  5. You make an excellent point Gotthammer. I suppose a larger test model is in order.

    I like the idea behind the khaki and olive Big Jim. That sounds a little like the scheme Forge World uses.

    The one thing that I know for sure is that I want the whitish flesh bits. I just went over scheme two (green shell) with a very light dry brush of Skull White and it ended up adding a lot to over all look and feel of the model.

  6. I like the natural look of scheme 1... but it's a little bland, feels like it's lacking something.... maybe spots or stripes or something, but it needs some kind of accent colour, I think.

    Looking good though, thanks for sharing your process :)

  7. Scheme 1 looks an awful lot like my scheme! If you want to see it scaled up, its on my blog. The first carnifex was completed last week.

    I like scheme 2 though. It has more contrast that might translate well to the gaming table.

  8. I like the green colour -- but can I ask how you intend to base them? Are they going to be on yellow sand / desert style bases, or heavy forest? That might influence your choice somewhat and help the model shine even more.

  9. I think the redish scheme 1 looks great. The green looks good on a ripper but when on a fex it may look to bright. Keep it simple. I like both but again, keep the red one.


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