Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's On The Painting Table?

A few days ago bigred over at Bell of Lost Souls asked readers "What's on your painting table?" Well, bigred (if you happen to read my blog) here's the current state of my painting table. I just finished up painting Mechrite Red on my Landspeeder and got out the Devlan Mud to give a good wash, but decided to call it a night.  I had originally given myself a deadline of March 18th to have this thing finished, but I got distracted with making some scenery for my RoBG.

Some of my other hobby progress is in the picture below. I managed to put together most of the fist Imperial Sector box. There was a ton of stuff in that box. Far more than I expected. Eventually I'm going to put the buildings on some bases and make them more cinematic and of course paint them, but for the time being it's back to Genesis Space Marines.


  1. How do you manage to keep your painting table so clean??? Mine looks like a bomb hit it!

  2. Haha... I'm not sure, I think I might be a little OCD honestly. I always lay down a paper towel, maybe that's the key, I don't know. :)


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