Friday, December 18, 2009

Titanicus by Dan Abnett


I finished reading Titanicus and I have to say that this book is incredible.  It’s due for re release in paperback soon so I strongly suggest buying it.  Surely I am not the first person to give this book rave reviews and I hope I’m not the last.

Titanicus is actually my first Black Library purchase and a fine one I have to admit.  This book has single handedly sunk its claws into my imagination and thrusted me into all that is grim and dark and magnificent in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  For the first time ever I’m more than just fascinated by the Warhammer 40,000 universe and its stories.  For the first time I want to know more, I want to read more and I can give my thanks to Dan Abnett for that.

Titanicus is the book that I will forever compare future Black Library books to and I honestly think the bar is set high.


  1. I'm a few pages off finishing it at the moment at I agree - it is the bomb.

    Abnett is the greatest thing in the Black Library arsenal - his Eisenhorn series was my first BL purchase, and I haven't looked back - and yes, he is the standard setter by which I rate any and all 40K (and even fantasy) books.

    Another great titan book is Mechanicum by Graeme McNeill in the Horus Heresy series. I actually read that first, and can now se where most of the bckground etc on the Legio came from - Abnett is truly building and reshaping the whole 40K fluff-verse.

  2. Kool, I'll have to add it to my must read list!

  3. You must read Mechanicum by Graham McNeill next!

  4. I recenty finished Titanicus too.
    My main reaction was...awesome.Dna Abnett really has written some great 40k stuff,I'd recommend Horus Rising by Mr. Abnett and Mechanicum by Graham McNeill.

  5. Three recommendations for Mechanicum... That's enough to convince me. :)

  6. I reccomend the Mechanicum book too. It is a really good read. I plan to get the Titanicus book soon.


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