Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Tyranid Force

I completed assembly of my Tyranids…

nid army 

It’s the core of the army, I’ll of course add to it as I see fit.  Maybe some more Carnifex’s and/or Zoanthrope’s.  Perhaps a Trygon or nine.  The army will lay dormant until I get my hands on the new codex, but afterwards it’s straight to paint and then the tabletop.

Righty the Ravener from my last post is making another appearance.  I gave him just the tiniest bit of a face lift with the addition of extended carapace bitz on his shoulders.  I think it adds a lot to the model for being such a simple addition.

righty the ravener

That’s all I have for now.  I’m off to assemble the new Fortress of Redemption, which by the way is absolutely massive and gorgeous.  It’s definitely a must-see model.  Cheers!


  1. I put my fortress together the other day as well. Have some rubber bands and maybe some clamps handy, you'll need them.

  2. Love the Ravenor ... I'm trying to finish all my models furiously in time for the new codex... gaunts and horms are getting done and I've got some warriors to finish (although I may hang fire on those until the weapon options are unveiled)...

    I think I'll just finish the Tau.

    Guard are done.

    It's ALL very exciting. Plus my bday in Jan ... yeah me!

  3. I second the need for some clamps and rubber bands. The tower itself benefits from some good clamps and rubber bands for the rest.

    Looking forward to seeing your completed fortress!

  4. Can't wait till I see you start painting your Tyranids, I should be working on mine if it ain't for my Alpha Legion and Orks...

  5. Good luck with it all. Knowing your usual quality I'm sure they'll look amazing. Knowing your pace I'm sure we'll see some examples soon.

  6. Thanks everyone. I'm eagerly anticipating getting some paint on these guys. I'm still up in the air about the color scheme. I noticed a scheme in the current codex that I really really like a lot and may give it a go.

  7. Did you magnetize any of them?

    Seems pretty brave to have 'em all assembled up. What if the rules come out and one of the variants you've assembled is vastly inferior? I'm procrastinating final assembly for alot of my models for that very reason.

    Whatever the case--they look good.

  8. @ Warhammer 39,999 - Nope, no magnets anywhere. Brave? Perhaps, but I didn't build this force to be competitive. I built them to look how I wanted them to look rather than build them for maximized effectiveness. :)


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