Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Great Ravener Dilemma of 2009

So in my massive box set of Tyranids that I purchased there were three Ravener’s.  One of which had no right arms.  GW was very gracious in replacing my model, but that still left me with a Ravener with no right arms.  Poor guy was almost discarded, but I dug through the accumulated Tyranid bitz and found a solution…

tyranid ravener (no right arms) (1)

I came across the left over rending claw arms from the warrior sprue as well as the scything talons not used on the Genestealers.  Problem solved…

tyranid ravener (no right arms) (2) tyranid ravener (no right arms) (3) tyranid ravener (no right arms) (4)

Normally Ravener’s have six arms and if they have rending claws, they are the middle pair of arms.  I had to improvise here.  The Genestealer scything talons are far too small to be the primary set of arms and the warrior rending claws are slightly bigger than the normal Ravener ones.  By flipping them I feel I maintained cohesiveness.  As for the third set of arms… I don’t have anything else that really works so I’ll just fill the holes with some green stuff.


  1. hi great and elegant solution to get the most of a miniature.
    I don't play nids but LIKE a lot the result.

  2. Never let bits go to waste. Effective use of parts here, very nice!
    For the other set of talons, you could consider converting left over gaunt arms with a blade made from sprue or other such leftovers.


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