Monday, July 21, 2008

5th Edition FAQ's & Reference Sheets

So with the release of the new Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition comes the inevitable FAQ's and reference sheets. These are a necessary evil in this game as there are a lot of "players" out there that want to manipulate the rules or try to deceive their unknowing opponent.

"the most important rule is that the rules aren’t all that important! So long as both players agree, you can treat them as sacrosanct or mere guidelines." So, that being said on to the links.

~Updated: Instead of constantly updating individual links to every FAQ and Reference Sheet I linked to the main page for each on the GW site.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

FIREBASE #7 - Warhammer 40,000 Magazine

Firebase is Warseer's own online magazine - free for download of course. It's packed with loads of good reading. I recommend checking out issue #7 as well as Warseer. The forums are a great source of information and news.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rants & Raves: Cover Saves

Here we are again and only a short time after the 1st Rants & Raves post.

Anyway... Keeping in line with the last rant about TLoS, it would seem that there's an equal amount of [expletive delete] that can't grasp the new cover saves. So again here I am posting actual rulebook excerpts to try and clear things up.

"When any part of the target model’s body (as defined previously by the LoS rules) is obscured from the point of view of the firer, the target model is in cover. This is intentionally generous, and it represents the fact that the warrior, unlike the model, will be actively trying to take cover (as well as the smoke, explosions and flying debris that are mercifully absent from our tabletop battlefields)." "If a target is partially hidden from the firer’s view by other models, it receives a 4+ cover save in the same way as if it was behind terrain."

Intervening models includes ALL models, friend and foe alike.

Update: There's a lot of asshats out there trying to abuse the new cover save rules vs. intervening models. They're trying to grant a symbiotic cover save amongst two units in a staggered formation (See Image). This is a sticky situation because it works, but is generally considered to be an underhanded or "beardy" tactic. In the image we see a SM (Spacemarine) unit firing into a staggered formation of two Ork units.

From the SM position both Ork units will receive a cover save, because even though there are no intervening models to fire through to hit unit 1 the majority of it is behind unit 2 granting it a 4+ cover save. In regards to unit 2 the cover save rules specifically state that "If a model fires through the gaps between models in an intervening unit, the target is in cover".

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