Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Army Sheet, The Best One Yet

large_roster_40k_extendedrights_Page_1 large_roster_40k_extendedrights_Page_2

First I want to thank everyone who has downloaded my other army sheets and also thank those who gave feedback on them.  I’ve listened to your comments and emails and have revised my most popular army sheet to give it what the community has asked for.

What has changed?  There are now four HQ rows for all you Space Wolves players and with the Imperial Guard now being able to field more tanks than ever before, I upped the vehicle section to nine rows.  Additionally some non Imperial players wanted a sheet that was a little more Xenos friendly.  So I changed the background to the most neutral Warhammer 40,000 image I could think of… The 5th Edition Rulebook cover.

This sheet still has all of the great features of the previous one: Automatic text sizing,  fully sequential form fields, automatic points totaling, files savable using Adobe Reader and all on an intuitive and dare I say attractive layout.

Follow the jump to download my newest army sheet…

- Army Sheet Download -

You can see all of my other army sheets and downloads by clicking… here.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping.  Cheers!

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