Saturday, November 15, 2008

Army Progress - Genesis Chapter

Terminator Squad of the Genesis Chapter 1st Company

Finally I've made some progress on my Genesis Chapter project. That little thing called 'life' and 'job' keep getting in the way, but at least the job fuels my hobby so I guess I can't complain too much. Anyway... As any well versed Warhammer 40,000 player can tell this is the Terminator squad from the Assault on Black Reach box set - an absolutely amazing box set I might add. I chose to do the Genesis chapter for two reasons: one - because I wanted to do something different; a codex chapter that no one sees, but isn't a 'home brew' and two - I wanted them to be a successor chapter of the Ultramarines.

So how did I paint these? Let me first say that this my interpretation of the Genesis Chapter. They're actually supposed to be more red, but that didn't appeal to me so I toned it down a bit. Also I tried to do these in a manner that made the painting process fast and easy while still producing a nice tabletop quality.
  • I started from a Chaos Black undercoat and painted the whole miniature Mechrite Red.
  • To do the shading and highlighting I first gave the miniature a heavy wash of Devlan Mud followed by a drybrushing of Blood Red after the wash was given enough time to dry.
  • Their helmets, chest eagles, crux terminatus and other little honour badges were first painted with Codex Grey then given a wash of Badab Black. Highlights were done with Fortress Grey followed by Skull White.
  • The Purity Seal ribbons where painted Bleached Bone and then given a wash of Gryphonne Sepia and then highlighted with some thinned Bleached Bone. The wax seal was painted Ultramarines Blue, washed with Asurman Blue and highlighted with Ultramarines Blue again.
  • The metallic areas of the Storm Bolters were first painted with Boltgun Metal and washed with Badab Black and highlighted with lite a drybrushing Mithril Silver.
  • The captains golden halo and sword hilt were first painted Shining Gold followed by Brown Ink and highlighted with Burnished Gold.

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