Monday, August 23, 2010

Hi, Dan Abnett!

After a bit of winding down I thought I’d show off my swag from Games Day 2010… And brag a little about how awesome a time I had.

First up, I got to meet my favorite Black Library author Mr. Dan Abnett. While waiting for the Ultramarine movie trailer to start for the 1st time at the Codex Pictures booth my wife piece taps me on the shoulder… “Hey, isn’t that Dan Abnett?” I turn to my right and there he is. Now, I’ve always considered myself to be one that would never succumb to being ‘star struck’. Well… I found out differently. While introducing myself, momentarily, I quite literally forgot my name… And yes, Mr. Abnett poked fun at me for it.

Titanicus cover Titanicus inside

Did I mention that Games Day this year was spectacular? Well it was and GW was giving away product like mad men. Crowds would form and random product would be tossed into the air for the savage pack to fight over. Thanks to my friend Greg, I ended up snagging a Chief Librarian Tigurius for my Ultramarines army and my girl ended up procuring a sweet set of Fantasy Battle dice.

40K Tigurius WFB dice

The wife piece wanted to get a crash course in painting so we ended up taking a seat at the Paint & Take table. Below is her Ork Boy and my skeleton. For her first time ever putting paint to a miniature I think she did a pretty decent job. With a little refinement maybe I can put her to work finishing up my armies.

Lids Ork WFB skeleton

Lastly… The apex, the proverbial ‘epic win’ if you will. Games Day 2010 hosted ample amounts of fun things to do. One of which was called the Carnival of Chaos; which was really nothing more than carnival games where you could win stuff, but it was GW stuff so thusly worth while. As you made purchases or participated in events you could earn ‘tickets’ to the Carnival of Chaos.

Hunt for Voldorius

I purchased Hunt for Voldorius, the next book in the Space Marine Battles series for $12 and got a single ‘ticket’ for the Carnival of Chaos. I immediately hopped in line for the Frisbee-toss game. Much like the actual carnival game, the smaller the hole I could put the Frisbee through, the larger the prize I got to choose from (small = fany pack, medium = dice tin or blister pack and large/grand prize = Space Hulk).

One ‘ticket’ gave me three chances to take home the grand prize… Toss one, I made it through the medium prize hole. I was thinking “Sweet, even if I miss with the other two I’m going to walk away with something decent.” I get ready to toss Frisbee #2 and I hear my friend yell “Go for the grand prize… Do it!” and my girl starts to cheer me on as well. So I go for it…

FREE Space Hulk

The picture says it all. I bought a $12 book and walked away with a free Space Hulk. Did I mention that Games Day this year was spectacular? Well it was!

Thank you for dropping by and reading. Cheers!

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