Thursday, October 21, 2010

Da Boyz Is Almost Ready


I’m making baby steps in progress, but I’m getting there, the finish line is in sight… I think.  This time around I finished the second wash and edge highlighting on the metal bitz.  I’m very pleased with the combination of Badab Black wash over a coat of Devlan Mud wash.  It gives an incredibly nice dirty and grimy look.  The next steps are some highlights on the black and leather, painting on the checkers, finishing the base and lastly I’m going to give weathering powders a try and dirty these guys up a bit more.

Until the next post; Cheers!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Bit of Photography


I was gaming this past Saturday with a local club I joined and one of the members decided to bring along his DSLR camera and snap some photos.  Since I’ve been lacking on actual hobby updates I figured I’d share the above photo, which in my opinion is quite fantastic.

Thanks goes out to Jordan G. for this great photo of a lone marine holding The Temple of Skulls from the vile forces of Chaos.

Stalking Predator [1024x768] copy

And another of my Predator tank stalking a Daemon Price of Chaos.  Just in case you’re wondering how the battle ended, the setup was Seize Ground (5 objective) with a Spearhead deployment.  The went five turns…  Final results: Space Marines - 1, Chaos Space Marines - 0.  Glory be to the Emperor!

Thanks for stopping.  Cheers!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Progress On Da Boyz



Just a quick progress photo of da Boyz…  I got the leather and metal bitz painted and hit' ‘em with the first coat of wash.

I’m finding that there is a ton of detail on these models; far more than I had ever seen just glancing over them in their ‘nude’ grey plastic state.  Progress is a lot slower than anticipated (it always is), but as the codex says… It takes time to build a proper WAAAGH!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Change of Pace




It’s been awhile since I’ve posted; sadly I’ve had a case of hobby burn out.  In my blogging absence though I’ve managed to get in regular games with a club I’ve joined; Innocence Means Nothing.  They’re a great bunch of guys who are both fun to game with and hang out with. 

When the hobby burn out had passed I found myself wanting to paint something different, something non Astartes.  I’ve painted a lot of Space Marines to get my fill for a little while.  So out came the Assault on Black Reach Orks.

They’re not finished obviously, but I figured I’d chronicle my progress on them as I finish the models I have and maybe even add to the army… I really want a Deff Dread.

How I painted the flesh:

  1. After priming them black I laid down a base coat of Dark Angels Green.  -In hindsight I think Orkhide Shade would have been better.
  2. The flesh was then layered with Goblin Green leaving some of the darker green showing in the deepest recesses.
  3. A light drybrush of Rotting Flesh was then applied followed by an even lighter drybrush of Bleached Bone on just then most pronounced features.
  4. Liberal coat of Thrakka Green wash.
  5. Lastly the flesh was touched up with thinned (watered down) Goblin Green.

Thanks for dropping by.  Cheers!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hi, Dan Abnett!

After a bit of winding down I thought I’d show off my swag from Games Day 2010… And brag a little about how awesome a time I had.

First up, I got to meet my favorite Black Library author Mr. Dan Abnett. While waiting for the Ultramarine movie trailer to start for the 1st time at the Codex Pictures booth my wife piece taps me on the shoulder… “Hey, isn’t that Dan Abnett?” I turn to my right and there he is. Now, I’ve always considered myself to be one that would never succumb to being ‘star struck’. Well… I found out differently. While introducing myself, momentarily, I quite literally forgot my name… And yes, Mr. Abnett poked fun at me for it.

Titanicus cover Titanicus inside

Did I mention that Games Day this year was spectacular? Well it was and GW was giving away product like mad men. Crowds would form and random product would be tossed into the air for the savage pack to fight over. Thanks to my friend Greg, I ended up snagging a Chief Librarian Tigurius for my Ultramarines army and my girl ended up procuring a sweet set of Fantasy Battle dice.

40K Tigurius WFB dice

The wife piece wanted to get a crash course in painting so we ended up taking a seat at the Paint & Take table. Below is her Ork Boy and my skeleton. For her first time ever putting paint to a miniature I think she did a pretty decent job. With a little refinement maybe I can put her to work finishing up my armies.

Lids Ork WFB skeleton

Lastly… The apex, the proverbial ‘epic win’ if you will. Games Day 2010 hosted ample amounts of fun things to do. One of which was called the Carnival of Chaos; which was really nothing more than carnival games where you could win stuff, but it was GW stuff so thusly worth while. As you made purchases or participated in events you could earn ‘tickets’ to the Carnival of Chaos.

Hunt for Voldorius

I purchased Hunt for Voldorius, the next book in the Space Marine Battles series for $12 and got a single ‘ticket’ for the Carnival of Chaos. I immediately hopped in line for the Frisbee-toss game. Much like the actual carnival game, the smaller the hole I could put the Frisbee through, the larger the prize I got to choose from (small = fany pack, medium = dice tin or blister pack and large/grand prize = Space Hulk).

One ‘ticket’ gave me three chances to take home the grand prize… Toss one, I made it through the medium prize hole. I was thinking “Sweet, even if I miss with the other two I’m going to walk away with something decent.” I get ready to toss Frisbee #2 and I hear my friend yell “Go for the grand prize… Do it!” and my girl starts to cheer me on as well. So I go for it…

FREE Space Hulk

The picture says it all. I bought a $12 book and walked away with a free Space Hulk. Did I mention that Games Day this year was spectacular? Well it was!

Thank you for dropping by and reading. Cheers!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Space Marines Army Finished?

It’s the weekend…  And everybody loves pictures; especially pictures of fully painted armies.

space marines full army

Here’s my Space Marine army in all its; small… glory.  It’s not much, I can muster 1200 points.  I’m not entirely sure what I want to add to it, if anything at all.  Perhaps a bike squad or a Vindicator.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Predator Heavy Support

predator (1)

The latest completion for my Space Marine army is this, in my opinion, beautifully painted Predator Annihilator.

The sponsons are actually magnetized, but I find that I rarely, if ever, use the heavy bolters.  For a tank that can not move and fire all of its weapons… If I’m going to sit still I want to make sure that whatever I fire at dies.  Dice gods willing and all of course.

predator (2)

I must say that while painting this tank I have fallen in love with Dheneb Stone.  This foundation paint combined with Devlan Mud equals pure win.  It even managed to make painting the headlamps 1000x easier. 

Quick and easy headlamps: Lay down a good foundation of Dheneb Stone followed by Yellow Ink and then Gryphonne Sepia wash.  Give it just the tiniest highlight of Skull White and you’re done.

Yes, I said Yellow Ink… I still have full pots of all the GW inks.  Jealous? :P     You could use some watered down Sunburst Yellow to get the same effect though.

predator (3)

 Thanks for dropping by and reading my post.  Cheers!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gallery Up and Running

Display 001

Blogger now offers, or rather has made it easy, to have multiple pages.  Check out the links in the top left; Home, Gallery and Downloads.  I have the Gallery up and running and plan on adding more content that is already posted as well as new content as it becomes available.  Right now I’m waiting for Grendel to share out his Picasa album so I can make a link for his Chaos Space Marines and Daemons.

The Downloads page is for the most part empty, but does at least link to my ‘Downloads’ label so you can see all of my roster sheets and a few other offerings.

Stop back soon, I should have my Space Marine Predator finished shortly.  Cheers!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Odd-toed Ungulate Or Rhino

I finished up this bad boy the other week, but hadn’t gotten around to posting it until now.


ce_rhino1 (2)

ce_rhino1 (3)

Here it is next to its brother…


If you’re curious about the arrows you can find out how I did them here.  Thanks for stopping.  Cheers!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Helsreach by Aaron Dembski Bowden


Move over Dan Abnett and Graham McNeill, there’s a new hard hitting, heavy weight in the ranks of The Black Library and his name is Aaron Dembski Bowden.

Once again the world of Armageddon is besieged by orks and a small crusade of 100  Black Templars led by Chaplain Grimaldus are among its defenders, charged with defending Hive Helsreach.  As the war wages on and Hive Helsreach starts to fall, any hope of victory is crushed as the ork horde constructs a Great Gargant whose size dwarfs even the mighty Imperator titan, but legend tells of a secret, great and powerful weapon from the first war for Armageddon; one that the Adeptus Mechanicus would rather sacrifice the planet than awaken… it may be the very salvation they seek.

This book is… Awesome!  The writing is so eloquent and impassioned that it draws you in from the very first sentence.  Helsreach is a must read in my opinion.  If you can spare the $12.00 I highly suggest you run out and buy it before you can’t find it anymore.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Assault Tactica – Space Marine Captain

I’ve never posted anything about tactics before, but I’ve been mulling over how to load out my Space Marine captain and with GW’s recent post on their What’s New Today blog, I thought I’d share my thoughts and get some feedback.

captain stats

The current load out I have is: Storm Bolter, Relic Blade and Artificer Armour.

The captains role as I see it, is to be an assault unit and one to be noticed no doubt.  Further more, as an Independent Character he can join other units to aid them with things such as Leadership and/or boost their effectiveness in assault.  For these reasons and after much deliberation, this is the best point for point load out I came up with and here’s why…

Storm Bolter – This was chosen over a boltgun or combi-weapon simply because a rapid fire weapon is useless in an assault unit.  A boltpistol is perfectly fine, but for 3 points you gain an additional S4 shot, can shoot up to 24” and are able to assault after using it.  The Storm Bolter was also chosen because of my next option which renders any pistol as an assault weapon useless.

Relic Blade – Yea, I know, it’s damn expensive and you’re probably thinking, Why not take a Power Fist, it’s cheaper and doubles your strength?  And you’d be absolutely right, however using a Power Fist negates that nice I5.  With a Relic Blade, I’m still increasing my S to 6, still negating armour saves, still have the same draw back of loosing +1A, but… I get to keep my I5.  With an Independent Character that can be singled out during combat as well as fall to Instant Death, striking first can mean everything.  The Relic Blade was also chosen over the other options because of that increase to S6.  Let’s face it, S4 doesn’t cut it most of the time if you’re facing-off with another Independent Character or Monstrous Creature.

Artificer Armour – Point for point this is much better than Terminator armour and obviously better than Power Armour.  It’s not a necessety, but I like to protect my investments if you catch what I mean.  Opting for Terminator armour gets you a Storm Bolter, Power Weapon and a 2+ save for 40 points.  Artificer Armour plus the cost of the Storm Bolter and Relic Blade above comes to 48 points.  So for 8 points, you get a better close combat weapon and keep your abilities to ride in a Rhino/Razorback as well as do a Sweeping Advance.  What about teleporting in?  Whose to say he’ll arrive when and where you need him.

Comments welcome and as always, thanks for stopping by.  Cheers!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Rynn’s World by Steve Parker


I just finished Rynn’s World by Steve Parker the other night.  A good thing too as Helsreach, the next installment of the Space Marine Battle Novel series is starting to hit bookshelves.

Rynn’s World tells the tail of an Ork invasion on the Crimson Fists home planet of Rynn’s World.  Shortly after the Orks make planet fall a great and terrible tragedy strikes the Crimson Fists as they suffer massive losses due to their fortress monastery being reduced to a pile of rubble.  The book follows the chapter master Pedro Kantor as he struggles to keep his chapter from being completely annihilated.

Overall I really enjoyed the book.  It was very captivating at times and had me eagerly flipping the pages.  There are however, times where scenes ended rather abruptly and left me wanting more.  Sadly there are also a plethora of type-o’s, but none that any average reader can’t get past.  If you’re a fan of the Crimson Fists or even just like Space Marines and their few versus many battle stories then I definitely recommend this book.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ultramarines Scouts Squad

Holy shit people… It’s been forever since I’ve made a post.  My apologies, but life gets in the way sometimes.

So I finished a long over due project.  My Ultramarines Scout squad as you may have guessed from the aptly named title.

ultramarines scouts (front)ultramarine scouts (back)

These guys are painted in the same scheme as my Ultramarine combat squad.

  • Legs and Arms – Starting from Chaos Black base coat paint the entire area Graveyard Earth.  Paint the area Kommando Khaki taking care not to get any in the deepest recesses.  Highlight again with a 1:1 mix of Kommando Khaki and Skull White.
  • Camo Cloaks – I started with a 1:1 mix of Chaos Black and Adeptus Battlegrey.  I then highlighted with straight Adeptus Battlegrey.  The camo pattern was done using varying greys and randomly mixing them to get all kinds of different colours.  (I honestly couldn’t tell you, but the sheer randomness made for a good effect I think.)  The inside of the cloak started with a 1:1 mix Chaos black and Shadow Grey followed by a highlight of straight Shadow Grey and finished with a further highlight of a 1:1 mix Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey.
  • Flesh – Tanned Flesh was used as a base coat.  Dwarf Flesh was then applied to all but the deepest recesses.  Finally the most pronounced features were highlighted with Elf Flesh.
  • Aquila – Starting from a Chaos Black undercoat I painted the whole thing Shinning Gold.  I then painted Brown Ink into the recesses (this could be substituted for Devlan Mud).  Once the ink was dry I carefully highlighted the very edges with a 1:1 mix of Shinning Gold and Mithril Silver

Next up… who knows… I have so many projects going on right now, but I’m working on completing the Ultramarine Tactical squad.  Thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Til Gran Kythera Dow"

Malifaux is the great new game published by Wyrd. The game has been called revolutionary by many people due to the fact it utilizes playing cards instead of dice for determining outcomes of actions. Having read the rules and witnessed many demos, I think it's not a step in a new direction, but definitely a unique one, blending multiple game genres into one solid game. What I mean by blending is that you have, at the core, a miniatures skirmish game (you only really need to pick up a starter box and rulebook to play). The use of cards allows for slight variations in traditional miniatures rules and translates into some card manipulation like you might see in Magic or similar CCGs. The cards also lend the game to a resource management style, as you might see in board games. If you haven't heard about this game yet (I'm sure you have), haven't checked it out, or just need a break from traditional dice tossing, I recommend you give this game some serious scrutiny.

Another big draw for me personally is the miniatures. The minis are 32mm scale, slightly bigger than the GW minis. The bases in the game are the same as you would see in Warmachine, the 30mm round lipped. All types of genres are present in Malifaux. You like horror? It's there. Western? That too. Want some steam punk? How about Victorian? It's all there. For me, I have chosen to run the necromancers of Malifaux, the Resurrectionists. I have picked up all the starters for the 'Rectionists (there's about 3 starters per faction, 5 factions) and decided to paint up one of the more popular of the group: Seamus.

Seamus (aka the Mad Hatter) is Malifaux's version of Jack the Ripper meets Necronomicon. I've seen Seamus painted a variety of ways, however each way seemed to have bright, vibrant colors, sometimes pastel. Not for me! I chosen some more 'earthy' colors, and decided to use some simple designs using those colors to show he isn't wrapped to tightly.

  • Hat and coat-Scorched Brown, 50/50 Scorched Brown and Graveyard Earth, Graveyard highlight.

  • Cuffs, bag, collar-Graveyard Earth, 50/50 Graveyard and Commando Khaki, Khaki highlight

  • Pants and hat band-Catachan green, 50/50 Catachan and Camo Green,Camo highlight

  • Pant Stripes-Camo Green, 50/50 Camo and Bleached Bone highlight

  • Gunmetal-50/50 Chaos Black and Boltgun metal, highlight with Boltgun

  • Pocket watch and bag metal- Dwarf Bronze, 50/50 Dwarf Bronze Mithril silver, Mithril highlight.

  • Flesh- Dark flesh, Dwarf Flesh, 50/50 Dwarf flesh and Elf Flesh, Elf Flesh highlight

  • Stripes on hat-Chaos Black base, Dheneb Stone (leaving some black showing on the edges), Devlan Mud, Dheneb Stone.

  • Whites-Done with building up from Codex Grey to Fortress Grey, 50/50 Fortress and Skull White, with final Skull White highlights.
I really tried to do a better than table top quality on this mini. The fact that I don't need so many models to play really allows me to want to a better job on the individual models. Hope it shows and I'll be posting more soon!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Returning to the Ultramarines – Scouts WIP

I can’t believe its been over two months since my last post.  Time can pass rather quickly when dealing with pesky life issues.  Anyway…

Getting back to it after a solid two month hiatus I’ve decided to return to my Ultramarines.  I’m a fan-boy, what can I say, that and with the new Blood Angel codex coming I figured I’ll take a step back from doing red.  

I’ve started making progress on my scouts, which are thankfully coming along very nicely.  When I fist dove into these guys I was a bit apprehensive as there is a lot of white (anyone who’s painted white onto black understands), but so far so good.

Ultramarines Scouts WIPKeeping with (what I feel is) a slightly better than table-top standard these guys are all done in mostly the same manner as my tactical squad.

  • Flesh – Tanned Flesh was used as a base coat.  Dwarf Flesh was then applied to all but the deepest recesses.  Finally the most pronounced features were highlighted with Elf Flesh.
  • Fatigues – I painted the entire area Graveyard Earth followed by Kommando Khaki, taking care not to get any in the deepest recessed.  Next I built up the the color with a 1:1 mix of Kommando Khaki and Skull White.  Finally I finished it off with a highlight of pure Skull White.
  • Aquila – Starting from a Chaos Black undercoat I painted the whole thing Shinning Gold.  I then painted Brown Ink into the recesses (this could be substituted for Devlan Mud).  Once the ink was dry I carefully highlighted the very edges with a 1:1 mix of Shinning Gold and Mithril Silver.

Thanks for stopping by.  Cheers!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daemons, Part 1

I always wanted to play Daemons when they first came out, but one thing about the army always distressed me: Everything deploys via deep strike (AKA Daemonic Assault). It didn't make any sense to me. Why does GW call this rule 'Daemonic Assault' if my daemons can't assault when they enter play? I guess calling it 'Daemonic Non-Assault' just doesn't sound as cool. Furthermore, I didn't quite grasp the point of an assault army having such a blatant weakness.

The more I thought about it and read, the more mistaken I was. Yes, if you deep strike your units out in the middle of nowhere and in the open, some, maybe even most will be killed. However, the invulnerable saves really help in this matter. Not to mention that Daemons seem to be the type of army that if you loose some models in the beginning of the game, the remaining few can still really ruin an opponents day in close combat.

For the base troops in my army, I have a particular fondness for Daemonettes. For the points cost, you really get a bargain. With fleet, rending, high initiative, and 4 attacks off a charge, these gals pack a punch, and the only real complaint I have about the unit is their low strength and frailty. You need to hug cover or get these ladies into combat ASAP.

For the colors, I have chosen Astronomicon Grey with a 50/50 highlight of Astronomicon/skull white. Any claws, horns, nails, whatever where done with an overbrushing of Regal Blue, highlighted with Enchanted blue. The hair follows this as well but with an added highlight of Hawk Turquoise. The armor bits were actually pretty fun to paint, as it gave me an excuse to use colors I'll probably never get to use again. Amethyst Purple, an old Citadel color from way back when, a purplish metallic. Parts of the armor where painted with that, followed by a highlight of straight Mithril Silver. Other parts of the armor were painted with Boltgun followed by Mithril highlights.

After finishing a squad of Daemonettes, I decided for something a little more brutal. Bloodletters fit the bill nicely. If I tie something up in hand to hand with the Daemonettes, the 'Letters should be able to paste whatever is left. The Furious Charge ability, power weapon attacks, marine strength/toughness are gravy! The only thing I needed to really worry about is making sure I got the charge, which can be problematic at times.

The colors on this squad were done in the quickest way possibly, using alot of drybrushing techniques that included a base of Mechrite Red, then Blood Red, followed by sparingly using some Blazing Orange. The horns and tongues were left black, highlighted with Codex Grey. The Hellblades were done with Tin Bitz, followed by Brazen Brass highlights on the pommels and handguards, the blade itself with some Mechrite/Blood applied at the raised edges. Any skulls were done with the Dheneb/Devlan/Dheneb. It's a very easy paint scheme, and makes the models look good.

Finally, we come to the big boy! Soul Grinders are friggin awesome models, with some pretty solid abilities to bring to the table. Excellent CC potential, Fleet, 50/50 shooting, and anti-armor/infantry upgrades makes for a mean model. The only problem I had with this model is the occasional odd look I got from passers-by for declaring a 'Tongue Attack' on something.

This model was another one I wanted to get done quick but look good. Drybrushing all around, with the skin - Regal/Enchanted/Ice/Skull White. The mechanized portion of the model is just Boltgun. Parts that were left black were highlighted with Codex Grey. The chaos emblems on the leg plates, chest, and abdomen were done with mithril silver, and the the outer edges were hit by a watered down Snakebite Leather, just to make it look a lil' dirty!

This is just a brief taste of the army, as I still have much more to paint. Masque, Fateweaver, and some oh-so-fun-to-assemble Tzeentch daemons will be making their way through my painting desk in the near future. Hopefully.

C&C welcome!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Once upon a time...

I made all these conversions for the death guard and actually posted a few of them on Pit. I was in a 'groove' at that point in time, and thought 'I'll have these babies painted in up no time'. Then I started to play WoW. Then I started to have a woman in my life. Then I started to play more WoW (anyone else familiar with this story?). So here we are, about a year later, and I'm happy to say, they are completed!

I didn't take a picture for every single death guard, just three to show some cool conversions and give a general idea on paint schemes. In a previous post (also from a long time ago) I stated I was going to mix two separate color schemes into the Death Guard army. The first color scheme, as on the leftmost and center figure, consisted of overbrushing Scorched Brown, drybrushing Bleached Bone, smacking down some heavy Devlan Mud, and drybrushing Bleached Bone. The second color scheme, as on the right most figure, was overbrushing Catachan Green, slathering on that good ol' Devlan, drybrushing Cata Green and drybrushing with Camo Green. Any tubes were done with Mechrite Red followed by a 50/50 drybrushing of Mechrite Red and Dheneb Stone. The metal bits were simply Boltgun Metal and Devlan Mud. The skin on the Death Guard started of with Adeptus Battlegrey, followed by a wash of Asurmen Blue, highlighted with Elf Flesh. The trophy head held by the champ was given a further highlight of Skull White. The thing I love about the paint schemes above is they're relatively quick, and I was able to complete fifteen troops in the course of two evenings, probably eight hours total.

The other thing I completed was my 'Hulk SMASH!' Greater Daemon of Nurgle. The model itself was a conversion I decided to do after I did my Daemon Prince (see post of that from last year), as I had a complete body from the GD to work with. I just needed a head and arms. I rummaged through my bitz for a while trying to decide what exactly would fit on the body, when I remembered this now defunct game called Vor. Vor had these awesome creatures called Growlers, that were described as a cross between a gorilla and a t-rex. I was lucky enough to have purchased some of these before the game went to the wayside. So after relieving the Growler of his head and arms, I decided that wasn't enough. Fortunately, there were Growler Pups (lil' baby Growlers). I thought the three-headed look was great and each had a single horn to boot! Very Nurgle-y!

The paint job was done in the Catachan Green scheme as described above. The only thing to add is the open sores were painted with Dark Flesh and washed with Baal Red. Oh yeah, the whole 'Hulk SMASH' thing...well, initially I said that due to the look of the model, but it quickly became evident during a game with Oni that this thing likes to smash a lot of things, like dreads, termies, marines. Fun times :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Borrowing An Idea

It's been a while. Pit has 114 followers currently. Last time I posted (May 2009), Pit had a much smaller following, so I would like to reintroduce myself.

My name is Grendel, and I like to cut things.

Don't worry, I'm talking purely from a hobby perspective. For me, the real joy of 40k comes from the assembling and modeling aspect. Painting and even playing 40k pales in comparison at times. Gimme a Dremel, X-acto, greenstuff, and glue, and I'm happy!

My passion is Chaos, though I find myself working on other armies at times. I'm responsible for the Death Guard posts on this site, and will hopefully be responsible for future Chaos Daemons post. Currently, I'm finishing the Death Guard army and working on a Black Legion army. So now that's out of the way, on to the post.

I borrowed an idea. Or stole it. It works either way. The Chaos Defiler is awesome in game, but I can't stand that model, and have always refrained from buying it. I saw plenty of conversion ideas for the kit and never really cared for them. I was going to proxy a Soul Grinder, then Oni showed me this. That friggin' rocks! Thank you, Amaximus, that is a truly awesome conversion! I hope to see it fully painted soon, and I promise not to steal anymore of your work!

In the above picture, the Defiler is armed with twin-linked reapers and flamer. The battle cannon is placed on top of the torso. It does have the front claws for the dread CC weapons.

What about those times when I am feeling Khorne-y? When I want to get up close and have more fun with four close combat arms?


Ah, magnets, you make my heart sing....
Some of you may notice the extended plating under the 'head'. Well, I was trying to be a little 'realistic' (yeah, I know, it's sci-fi and can be unrealistic) and figured the head seemed to jut out, looking a little vulnerable. The plate is on a hinge, so it can swing up and protect the Defiler's mug.

And a little size comparison next to a regular dread.

Things to do:

  • Greenstuff work, especially around the head plates.
  • Fix up the battle cannon, more cables, plating, etc.
  • Plating for the legs?
  • Front of the hull is plain between the claws. Need to think about that one.
  • Magnets on the face and face plate.
  • Black Legion on this one.
  • Listen to Oni compliment me on how cool my Defiler looks when it's marauding through his Space Marines :D


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Squad X Transport At The Ready

‘Men… zero hour approaches.  Swallow fear and be strong in the face of death.  Go forth in the name of the Emperor and show the archenemy what it is to be afraid.’

<Mission data inloaded, insertion point acquired.> ‘Awaiting orders, sir…’


space marine rhino [with squad]

I finished up my first Rhino today.  All in all I think it came out pretty good.  It’s a little brighter than the squad, but no matter.  It has more surface area so it was bound to be a tad brighter.

space marine rhino [right] space marine rhino [left]

Nothing overly exciting about a Rhino so I tried spicing up the post with that bit of creative writing.  After finishing up Titanicus and jumping straight into Blood Pact, I felt an urge.  Let me know what you guys think about the Rhino.  Cheers!


Monday, January 4, 2010

A Stroke of Madness

Well… not really, but it’s cool never the less.  Time and time again you’ve all heard me go on about how I can’t free hand paint.  It’s OK though, I’ve come to terms with it and I’m finding that it’s not a hindrance after all.  This ‘folly’ so to speak, in my hobby abilities forces me to create ways of getting around it.  So I suppose it’s not really a folly at all, depending on how you look at it.

This post coincides with the last one about painting squad markings on the Rhino’s hatch, but this time around, there will not be any painting.  While I may not be the first person to think this up, I don’t recall ever seeing it before, so at least for the duration of writing this post, I’ll consider it my own… stroke of madness.

I took a sheet of 0.8mm plastic card and traced the Rhino hatch out on the plastic card with a pencil. 

rhino hatch trace

I then measured out an arrow that would fit and look the way I wanted it to and cut the pieces out.

arrow draw

plasticard arrow

I roughed up the edges a bit because a little damage makes it look better. 

Lastly I have the finished product and in my opinion, looking damn good.  I like the raised effect of the plastic card.  This will most certainly be repeated on the other rhino, its hatch is already submersed in Simple Green.  It’s mostly simple and easy to accomplish and repeat… I say it’s a WIN.

rhino plasticard hatch

That’s all for now.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Cheers!

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