Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nurgle Dread

I decided it was time to pay homage to my patron god of Chaos again since it has been such a while.

Not that I haven't been doing much as far as miniatures go, I've actually been quite busy. About November last year, a friend of mine approached me about painting up his Rasputina gang for Malifaux. The same friend received a fully painted Deathwing army for Xmas from yours truly, which took a total of one month from start to finish (I have been trying to get pics around for that, hopefully in the coming weeks I can post them). I've found a local mini group that likes to play Warzone, so I got those miniatures sitting there staring at me. Oh yeah, I found out I have a Khorne army, though I am not quite sure how that happened, so I aim to assemble them at some point. And Necrons. All I can say is thank Nurgle for airbrushes.

So, about my latest offering to the Pit. I decided to make this dread one day when me and oni were going back and forth. He was saying something about someone's awesome dread conversions, and texting me links. I looked at them. Not that they weren't good, but it dawned on me that I have two dreads, and I wasn't happy with either (mostly cuz they kill me instead of the enemy....grrr). So I started thinking about what my ideal Nurgle dread would be. It would have to be rotten on the outside and the inside. It would have to be fierce. I wanted a dread that looked like it took a melta shot to the face and it kept going, and going, and going.

The body is an AoBR dread. I grabbed an arms from a Furioso kit, a fantasy ghoul, and a DE Raider prow blade and spikes. The right arm has the Nurgle icon from the chaos tank upgrade sprue. Some of the extra cable bits are from Dragonforge if I remember correctly.

Comments/criticisms welcome of course, and thanks for looking!


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