Thursday, April 9, 2009

Demon Prince Final

Well, here it is. Still have to paint up the giant manreaper, but that is removable, and I have gotten some comments he looks better without it. Anyways, I think it's time to move on to another plague marine squad or even the dread. Hope you enjoy the pics!


  1. Holy chaos gods! That's impressive!

    I absolutely adore the nurgling clutching the Demon's guts! Fantastic pose and idea!

  2. Much appreciated!I was just gonna have the guts hanging there, but some how managed to dig up that little bugger! Glad you approve Cawshis!

  3. Love it, very different from your normal run of the mill 'fat' Nurgle badass'. Would certainly make me fire all my Hvy Weapons in it's direction!

  4. Nice job, I think the manreaper looks fine. Not too big, it fits his scale. Anything much smaller and it might look too fragile in his hands I think.

  5. Grendel and I got in a small game over the Easter weekend where he got to put his newly finished DP to good use. I have to say... This model (both its level of conversion and painting) is absolutely incredible. These pictures do not do it justice. Well done Grendel, well done.

  6. What an impressive model! Seriously great work! I bet it looks absolutely intimidating on the battlefield.


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