Friday, April 3, 2009

I need FOCUS!!!

Yeah, it's true. I do need to focus on one project before moving on to the next. I go with something for a bit, then have a bright idea, then I need to go with that idea, until something else tickles my fancy, then move on to that, and so on and so forth.......oh well.
I am making progress, albeit very slowly. I think I have solved my terminator dilemma. Me being me, I didn't really care much for the CSM terminator sculpts, plastic or metal. The imperial terminators were looking good, but then I had one of those ideas. I saw some fluff for the Death Guard involving the primarchs personal retinue, the Deathshroud. I really liked the look and wanted that for my chaos force. I grabbed a model that I thought was pretty close in resemblance, a Gray Knight terminator. Here's the results:

Second thing I've been working on are the actual plague marine squads. I have 2 metal plague marine squads, and I purchased a SM tact squad box. The tact squad is coming along nicely, with some odd bits and green stuff being worked into them. Here's the leader:

The demon prince is still being worked on as well, believe it or not. Painting is coming along, and I really can't wait to post the completed work. For the time being, here's another shot:

Actual proof that work is being done. In addition to the above works, I currently have 2 squads to paint, 3 rhinos, a dreadnaught, and whatever else may come up. Comments/suggestions welcome of course.


  1. Impressive!! Those are some terrific conversions and work in progress images. Looking forward to seeing the final results :)

  2. I'd normally engage in at least 2 units on my painting in the same time. It kinda gives me a break to switch from one to another, refreshes the mind as well.

    Those are looking pretty good! Hope to see more good stuff coming along!

  3. I love the idea for the Deathshroud, that model looks great! The Daemon is pretty mind blowing as well.

    I know what you mean about having difficulty concentrating on one thing, though. One thing that I sometimes do is have a small rewards system set up, where if I get through stage X on a project, I'll do something out of the ordinary routine. I hope that helps!

  4. Amen on the focus, brother. I know I lose it here and there pretty often! I'm digging the GK-Deathshroud conversion....he's an awesome looking nurgle termie.

    And that prince. Man. He is fierce! Would love to see a comparison shot next to a marine or gaurdsman. :)


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