Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some More Magnetic Joy!

I’m back in gear with making some hobby progress. I had a little bit of down time, but now I’m all ahead full. Coming down the line there will be posts on scenery for my RoBG, bringing my Genesis Chapter up to strength as well as Grendel posting updates to his Death Guard, so keep an eye out.

On topic… Awhile back I posted a ‘how to’ on magnetizing a Razorback. This is a small extension of that post. Since I’ll be using my Razorbacks as Rhino’s as well I wanted to make the appropriate interchangeable parts.

006 This picture shows the mount on which I can place a Storm Bolter or a Hunter Killer Missile. Conveniently enough this mount can be flipped upside down when I’m using the model as a Razorback without any of those two options.

012 It’s so nice that the design of these bitz make it easy enough to magnetize for interchangeability. Here is the Storm Bolter. All I needed to do was use my pin vice to drill a small 1/16” hole in each side then press in the magnets.  Of course taking care to line everything up and making sure my magnet polarities were correct.

009 This is the Hunter Killer Missile. This bit took a small amount of thought to figure out a good way to magnetize it, but again the overall design made it easy. I chose to place the magnet above the fitment stud as the plastic anywhere else was to thin to drill. I used the same size magnets, 1/16” diameter by 1/32” thick.

And the final results…

014 016 

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Excellent! I'm playing around with magnets as well, and it's great to see what solutions other people come up with.


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