Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy fun time with superglue!

As posted, one of the many projects I am currently working on is the DP for my death guard army. IMO, death guard armies are one of the best to experiment with regarding conversions and new paint methods. For example, the DP has his guts exposed. I could just do the usual red but I wanted to add some more to it. Hence, the title of this post. You can do more with superglue than just hold stuff together. The intestine were sprayed with zipkicker and drizzled with superglue in some spots. I like the results:

I'm adding some wash to the whole thing in a bit, give the globs some nice red tint to it. And just for reference, I tried to be lazy and mix the wash with the glue before applying it to the innards. It formed some kind of gelatinous mass that lunged at me (actually that could have just been the fumes messing with me, I'm not sure). Enjoy!
P.S. Yes, there is a nasty mold line on the space marine helmet. That eyesore will be covered up in the future.


  1. Oh man, oh man. All I can say is, GROSS!

  2. That is a really cool effect. I love the Nurgling as well.

  3. Interestingly enough, superglue can also be used on people to help wounds heal. (But probably not on the intestines!)

  4. Well, lk4, if there is ever an occasion when my intestines are exposed, I'd try anything ;)


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