Friday, July 10, 2009

Battle Foam PACK 432 – Product Review

After waiting exactly one month for my PACK 432 to show up… it showed up.  Fridays really are the best day of the week.

pack432 front

My initial impressions were very good and remained good after looking the bag over thoroughly.  The fabric is a durable nylon that should withstand a fair bit of use.  There’s a hard shell on all sides of the bag in between the fabric, this gives it a very rugged feel and gives me a sense of comfort that my models are well protected.  This bag has plenty of pockets to hold my gamming aids and dice too.

pack432 right pack432 left







pack432 front pockets

The large pocket on the front is big enough to hold a codex and the mini rule book and also your army lists.

One of the many great designs of this bag is how snugly it holds the foam, there’s very little room for movement.  Again, this gives me a sense of comfort that my models are going to stay in place and not end up in a pool in the bottom of the bag.

pack432 top

My final thoughts on this bag is that it’s a great product.  It’s a little pricy weighing in at $150.00 before shipping with the custom foam load out, but quality usually is expensive.  I’m giving Battle Foam’s PACK 432, 4.5 golden Aquila's out of 5.  The only reason I didn’t give a perfect 5 is because of the lengthy wait despite my foam selection being standard offerings.

Golden Aquila 4.5


  1. Oooo... I am suitably envious. I saw their splash promo on BoLS a bit ago and decided that my next case is going to be from them. It's heartening to hear positive reviews from members of the community.

    Which foam kit did you get? How's the fit for the sizing of the spaces?

  2. I agree with Dverning's comment. I was just looking over their site last night. It is good to see some positive feedback on the product prior to launching a purchase of your own.

    Also wondering what foam inserts you went for and how they measure up.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    I got the Space Marine load out for my Genesis Chapter. The models fit brilliantly. There is the occasional model (oddly posed) that can't quite find a home, but that's to be expected with the non custom foam.

    The quality of the foam is really good. It's slightly harder than other foam manufacturers, which gives it a sturdier feel. The one thing that really stood out to me though, you can see that every cut out, no matter the size, has been lined with adhesive to hold it down. I like this a lot because I wont have to worry about those little strips of foam lifting up off the bottom of the tray or ripping because the foam overall is harder and has a solid foundation.

  4. Interesting - it's good to see a writeup of the Battle Foam stuff, as I've been idly thinking of buying some of their foam. I bought a Sabol carrier and foam a couple months back, but I have yet to punch out the foam - I want to wait until my army's finished. If the foam doesn't fit my models as well as I'd like, I'll probably end up buying Battle Foam.

    This BF pack has one thing that I wish my Sabol carrier had - hard sides. I've been toying with the idea of taking my finished models up with me to Canada when I visit, but I'm extremely hesitant (though it'd be a good experiment!) because it doesn't have hard sides.

  5. you can see that every cut out, no matter the size, has been lined with adhesive to hold it down
    Oh, nice. That is sweetness of craft. I'll have to see if they have a referral program because you just sold me. I was just going to get one and check it out, but now I'm thinking about three just so I don't have to worry about repacking my armies when I play something different.


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