Saturday, July 25, 2009

Motivational Post #1 - Imagination

Currently the From the Warp blogger group is taking part in a collaborative post on motivation. My contribution to this got me thinking more in depth as to how I become motivated to paint, assemble, trim mould lines or any other aspect of the hobby that can sometimes become tedious or burdensome.

In my bit for the collaborative post I mentioned “eye candy”.  Specifically all of the wonderful pictures GW puts in their literature, web site and complimentary publications such as White Dwarf.  Looking at the beautifully crafted dioramas and fantastic art work really inspires and motivates me more than anything else, but why?  What is it about the “eye candy” that really drives me to pick up my paint brush… Imagination.

It’s what draws us to the Games Workshop hobby from the very start.  A world unlike anything else that we can submerse ourselves in.  We’re almost like moths to the flame, but when that flame dies down and we loose motivation it’s as though our minds have gone dark and we can no longer see the way.  We need to send up a signal flare, we need to spark the imagination again and in doing this we can find motivation.

Starting today I’m going to do my best to put up a weekly motivational post accompanied by an image to spark that imagination that will hopefully give all of us inspiration and ultimately motivation.

Warhammer by Jesse Jeremy Warhammer by Jesse Jeremy

Thanks for stopping and if you feel so inclined please leave a comment about what motivated you on your most recent hobby project.


  1. Very cool pic... but I'm painting Black Templars.
    Just kidding.

  2. OK i have an Ultramarines army so it is a good post, but for now I'm motivated by a conversion to a deftkopta i liked so much that even when I'm broke I'm thinking about what to order to get my first complex conversion.

  3. @ Ron - Then imagine them blasting the crap out of your heretical Black Templars. ;)

  4. I've always been best inspired by the Artwork AND the (good) stories (when BL can be fussed!)... I always remember these titanic fights in Advanced Space Crusade between the Space Marine Scouts and the Tryanid Warriors ... the whole concept of an organic spaceship - loverly jubbly!


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