Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Photos Are In, Time To Vote - Painting Contest

All of these models are flat out amazing. Seriously, my hat is off to all of you. Thank you so much for participating and good luck. Voting is right above this post, entrants name and character labeled below each picture or group of pictures. With no further rambling I present to you the entrants final photos…

Gunnery Sergeant Harker

1. Gunnery Sergeant Harker | John G. from The Realms of Equinox

Jarran Kell Complete

2. Colour Sergeant Jarran Kell | Alex B. from Terran Forge

Azrael Azrael 2 Azrael 3 Azrael 4

3. Dark Angels Grand Master Azreal | Eric M. from The Manufactorum

Pedro Kantor Pedro Kantor1 Pedro Kantor2 Pedro Kantor3

4. Pedro Kantor | Joshua H.

grotsnik3 grotsnik4

5. Mad Dok Grotsnik | Andreas N. from Tower of Heroes

Eldrad Final

6. Eldrad Ulthran | Bill L. from Maunderings of a 40K Gamer

Voting is directly above all of this post. Feel free to leave comments for the participants and as always, thanks for stopping.


  1. Some great figs to pick from, this isn't going to be easy...

  2. Amazing work 1 and all. This is going to be really tough!

  3. I must say these are fantastic pieces all the way around. Its going to be very touch and go and I think its all going to come down to personal preference over actual skill. Amazing job everyone

  4. vote for pedro! (been waiting to pull that one out on a kantor mini for a while ;))

  5. The Mad Dok gets my vote!
    The metal and effects are fantastic!

  6. These are all beautiful models. I'm having a hard time choosing. Really excellent work guys.


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