Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sanctum Imperialis

Despite my busy life I still manage to get things done every once in awhile.  This is the third building to be assembled from the Imperial Sector box set.  There’s even a fourth and enough bitz left over to do a small fifth, but I saved them to be combined with my 2nd Imperial Sector box.  Enough rambling, on to the pictures…

sanctum imperialis front sanctum imperialis back I thought about doing the colour on this one a little differently than the others, but in the end decided to keep it the same.  This decision was mostly influenced by the release of the new Shrine of the Aquila.  I wanted to have at least one building in my set that stood out amongst all the others, so it could be easy identified as an objective.  The Sanctum Imperialis was going to be that building, but no longer.  The new Shrine of the Aquila will be better suited for the job.

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  1. I just got the Imperial sector box set yesterday, and I'm wondering, what did you use for the base of the piece?

    Also very helpful so far, I spent all night looking for just such a post to help me in building my terrain; And I caught your post on the BOLS feed.

  2. I like the browns on the base, very nice!

  3. The base is plasticard with cut up sprue, left over bitz and a combination of Vallejo Black Lava (brown dirt areas) plus basing sand (black and grey areas).

  4. I'm jealous - must get mine painted up.

  5. did you just paint that black and drybrush dark gray? or is that a dark gray spray paint? it looks nice mind emailing me and tell me


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