Thursday, June 11, 2009

Simple Basing With Black Lava

I decided to base my newly finished Genesis Chapter Landspeeder (which I’ll be posting this weekend) using a combination of the Black Lava and standard Citadel basing sand.

black lava with basing sand

The picture above is the Black Lava painted onto the flying base with what I refer to as a duty brush.  It’s a brush that I use for all sorts of miscellaneous tasks that I wouldn’t use a good brush for.  After getting a nice coat of Black Lava on there I laid down some basing sand while it was still wet.  I made sure to press the sand into the Black Lava a little to make sure it would be more secure and not just flake off once the Black Lava dried.

black lava with basing sand final

Here is the final product.  No issues with the sand flaking off and no additional PVA glue needed (other than for the static grass).  I think the combination of Black Lava and the basing sand makes for some very nice variance in textures.  I added the static grass because the base seemed rather plain without it.  Nothing special for painting this base… Bestial Brown > dry brush Bubonic Brown concentrating on the rocky areas > dry brush Bleached Bone concentrating on the more rocky areas.


  1. Looks good and fairly simple fella. Like it

  2. I too like the variety in texture, well done.

  3. Wow...that black lava was a great find. It really does cut "basing" down into an almost 2-step process. Very impressive, especially considering how good the results look!

  4. Thanks guys. The more I use this stuff the more I like it.

    It's a little messy, only because of how the lid comes off the jar, but it cleans up easily with just water.


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