Monday, April 4, 2011

Dark Eldar Archon-Reds

Hi all, just a small update on the Archon.  I didn’t bother to stop and take step-by-step photos on this one because there just isn’t that much to cover.


Archon Reds Final

Step 1.  Lay down a base coat of Mechrite Red.

Step 2.  Build up the colour with Blood Red.

Step 3.  Apply a wash of Devlan Mud directly into the recesses.

Step 4.  Highlight with thinned Blazing Orange.

Step 5.  Edge highlight with Vomit Brown.

Step 6.  Wash with Baal Red.


The next update will be a step-by-step with photos of the metals so check back soon.  Thanks for stopping.  Cheers!

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