Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Got Mail!

Yeah! My order from Gail Force Nine was waiting for me when I got home from work. As you can plainly see what I got in the picture to the left, I won't bother telling you.

First let me say that I am thoroughly impressed at the quality of these products. They exceeded my expectations ten fold, even the packaging is nice.

The dice are a little bigger than what I expected, but no matter they're quite awesome. The six is replaced by a skull to make them extra killy - though my girlfriend of all people pointed out that the skull doesn't make sense for saving throws. I'm so proud of her. The T.A.C. Template is just freekin' sweet in every regard. Now that I own one I can see why every 40K player should have one. Lastly, the fire markers - I bought these because they make the Vehicle Destroyed result more 'cinematic' and I like that.

My conclusion is that GF9 is awesome and will most definitely be purchasing more product from them.

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