Thursday, February 26, 2009

Realm of Battle Gameboard - Stage Two

Almost there! The second stage of my RoBG is complete. I must say, this thing takes a load of work. I never thought I'd have to put so much into it, but no matter, it will all be worth my efforts in the end.

In this stage I did a heavy over brushing of Codex Grey on all of the rocky parts and payed close attention to the flatter more rock like rocks... if that even makes sense. The tile in the bottom middle and the features like it to the right and left of it are what I'm referring to. Anyway... After over brushing the rocks I then went back with the Brown paint found in the Citadel Scenery Painting Pack and went around the edges of the rocks to cover up where the grey had gone just a bit too far.


  1. Wow! That sure is a whole load of hard work that has gone in to your board - it's looking very good already. What are the next step(s) going to be?

  2. they should really just include the scenery painting pack with the board, how else yah gonna paint it. great job so far aswell

  3. Looks awesome. To think if they had released that before I did my Eldar Maiden world, I would probably have just gone with getting the RoBG.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    @jabberjabber - The next steps are going to be highlighting the brown and the rocks as well as finishing the skull pits and all of the other skulls and bones strewn about the board. Lastly I think I'm going to use (very sparingly) some of the scorched grass from the scenery pack to enhance some of the features of the board.

  5. Your hard work looks like it will pay of nicely, keep us posted with how it progressess.


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